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1 million dollars

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Q: What is a Quarter with a type of drummer and date of 1776-1976 cost?
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What is the value of a 1776 drummer boy quarter?

The date on it should read 1776-1976. It's a common U.S. bicentennial quarter, still worth 25 cents.

What are the release dates for An Up-to-Date Female Drummer - 1899?

An Up-to-Date Female Drummer - 1899 was released on: USA: July 1899

How much is a quarter worth with no back?

i have a quarter with no back on it no date with a P

What quarter do you list online if week ending is last quarter and payment date is current quarter?

Most accounting systems list all transactions for the quarter in which they are actually paid, regardless of payment due date.

Did boy george date the drummer in culture club?

ye, and george also said in his auto biography, take it like a man, that the drummer left a woman to be with him.

What is the value of 1788 Maryland quarter dollar?

The US Mint did not start minting quarter dollars until 1796.

What is a 1994 double headed quarter worth?

I have a 1994 quarter double date, what is the worth ?

Where quarters ever made that did not have a date on them?

No. If your quarter does not have a date it is because the date is worn down from circulation.

What is the value of a 1772 bicentenial US quarter?

The date is 1776-1976 and it's only a quarter.

What is the value of a quarter from the Revolutionary War?

25 cents.Please take another look at your quarter. Even though it has George Washington's portrait on the front and a colonial drummer boy on the back, the date on the front is 1776-1976 so it isn't from the American Revolution. It's a Bicentennial Quarter and was minted to celebrate the 200th anniversary of independence. Huge numbers were struck so even today they don't have any extra value unless they're uncirculated.

1790-2001 US quarter dollar?

That's quarter, and if you check your pocket change you'll find that every state quarter minted since 1999 has 2 dates on it: the older one is the date that its state joined the union, and the newer date is the date the coin was made. Any that you find in change are worth exactly a quarter.

What presidint was on the us quarter?

The first president George Washington has been on the U.S. quarter from 1932 to date.