What is a SSA 310 deposit?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is a SSA 310 deposit?
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What is the difference between a ssa 303 payment and ssa 310 deposit?

Ssa 303 is your disability monthly ssa 310 is Ssdi

Why did you get deposit from ssa treas 310?

I'm not sure.

WHAT IS ssa 310?

Deposit for Social Security Disability payments..

WHAT IS SSA 310 deposit?

Deposit for Social Security Disability payments..

What does the number 310 mean in a social security benefits deposit?

The Social Security benefits. Deposit, accompanied by the service code 310 gives the benefactor an indication that the deposit was a special circumstance deposit. This type of deposit is usually an one time deposit.

What is ssa treas 310 xx soc sec?

I recieved an extra 1300.00 a dbl payment last month Why??

Why did you get an ach deposit titled epga treas 310 misc?

You received a notification to deposit just as a reminder to offset your dues.

Is there a way to get my check the month ssa didn't deposit it they say I was over paid?

You could appeal their ruling if you were not overpaid. However, if you were overpaid and do not now qualify for ssa or have to pay some back then no.

What is a SSA Treasury 310 Check?

The XX in front of VA means that this disability check cannot be garnished for child support or other garnishments.

What is US treasury 303 soc sec ssa deposit?

Find got a zero amount in my account from treasury 303?

What does EPGA Treasury 310 mean?

It is unclear what the abbreviation EPGA means on the treasury 310 check is. The treasury 310 check is a direct deposit check from the Department of Treasury. EPGA is typically the subsection of the department that it was issued from. For example, AGRI is the Department of Agriculture.

What is vaed treas 310 xxva ch33?

This is a direct deposit for the GI Bill, which is awarded for college funding to GIs.