What is a Watchlist?

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The Watchlist on WikiAnswers is an area for users to monitor specific categories or individual questions that interest them. When a user is logged in to WikiAnswers, they will see a link to 'My Watchlist' on the left-hand side.

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Q: What is a Watchlist?
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Related questions

How do you get RSS on your watchlist?

To add it in your watchlist add the widget of RSS to your watchlist.

When did 'My watchlist' change to 'My newsfeed'?

"My watchlist" was changed to "My newsfeed" on January 16, 2011. However, the term "My watchlist" was reinstated after we saw that most of our users are more comfortable with "Watchlist."

Are you alerted if the answer to a question on your watchlist gets flagged?

Yes, you are alerted if a question on your watchlist is flagged.

How do you get to your WikiAnswers Watchlist?

Click "My watchlist" under "My pages" in the blue box on the left side of the page.

How do you add a specific question to your watchlist?

To add a specific question to your watchlist simply click on the button with the eyeball.

Is it possible to put a user on your watchlist?




How do you make a category on WikiAnswers your favorite one?

You can just keep going back to the same category or you can edit your watchlist and click on only that category, and questions for that category will be in your watchlist when you click "My watchlist" in the blue sidebar on the left.

What is the purpose of the Watchlist on WikiAnswers?

Wiki WatchThe purpose of the Watchlist is to, well, watch. According to the WikiAnswers Help Center, your Watchlist "is a tool for monitoring the activity in specific categories or in individual questions or discussions that interest you..."Your Watchlist basically lets you keep track of certain questions - it will update you on which user changed the answer to your question, or altered your question in any way.Read more about the Watchlist in the Help Center, via the Related Link.

Where can you see the list of questions you've added to your Watchlist?

In the blue toolbar on the left, click on "My watchlist" under "My pages." From there, click on the rectangular orange "Edit" button. On that page, you can see all of the categories and questions that you have added to your Watchlist.

How are you notified when someone changes one of your answers?

You can put a question on your watchlist. There is a link on the left that says Watch Question. By selecting that, you add it to your watchlist. When you log in, select My Watchlist and any questions or categories that have changed and you are watching will show in the list.

How does one disable their watchlist?

You can clear your WikiAnswers watchlist of questions by selecting "My Watchlist" in the left sidebar, then selecting "Click here to change the list", then "Deselect All" and then "Remove Questions" under "Watched Questions". You can elect to stop receiving e-mail notifications of changes to your watched questions & categories by selecting "My Settings" and unchecking "A daily digest of new unanswered questions in my watchlist categories and notifications about updated answers from my watchlist" and then "Submit Settings".

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