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Q: What is a Water pouring over a steep slope in a staight down direction?
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Water pouring over a steep slope in a straight down direction?


What is water pouring over a steep slope in a straight-down direction which is 9 letters?


What is windward slope?

the slope which the direction of the wind blows.

What does the slope of the line on a posiition vs time graph tell you about an objects speed?

Slope at any point is speed. if slope is constant (staight line)then speed is constant; if curved up speed is accelerating. If curved down it is decelerating

How does ploughing across a slope of a hill help retain the soil in farm fields?

Plowing across the slope minimizes erosion by inhibiting water's ability to run down the slope. Plowing in the direction of the slope creates channels that water runs down, carrying the valuable topsoil with it.

What is positive slope?

If the slope (line)is in upward direction, it is called positive slope

This part of a sand dune is characterized by a pronounced slope?

The gentle slope is in the upwind direction. The downwind direction has a steep slope called a slip face.

What is the direction of the line with an undefined slope?

A vertical line has an undefined slope.

How much do contour lines show stream direction?

Water flows downhill. Contour lines show the slope of the landscape, and the direction a stream must flow.

What does the slope of a linen on a distance - time graph represent?

The speed. Also, if a positive slope represents the speed in one direction, the negative slope is the speed in the opposite direction.

What is the direction of a line whose slope is undefined?

If you dont have slope then you cant tell

What is the direction of a line with a slope of zero?

A line with a slope of zero is a flat, vertical line.