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Q: What is a achievement of bhaskara charya in mathematics?
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Name one renaissance achievement mathematics and one renaissence achievement in astronomy and explain the importance of each?

Contribution to polymaths is one renaissance achievement in mathematics.

What is the purpose of the bhaskara - 1?

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Is bhaskara 1 and bhaskara 2 the same persons?


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When did Bhaskara II die?

Bhaskara II died in 1185.

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What has the author Laugaksi Bhaskara written?

Laugaksi Bhaskara has written: 'Arthasangrahah'

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Who born in Bhaskara?

how i know that who bron in Bhaskara there are many once bron there

When was Kumar Bhaskara Varman born?

Kumar Bhaskara Varman was born in 600.

When did Kumar Bhaskara Varman die?

Kumar Bhaskara Varman died in 650.

Which mathematician is known as The Indian Euclid?