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Q: What is a bar between the spokes of a wheel?
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If a wheel has 36 spokes how many spaces are there between the spokes?

A wheel with 64 spokes will have 64 spaces between the spokes.

An old fashioned bike wheel has 21 spokes How many spaces are between the spokes?

A wheel with 10 spokes will have 10 spaces between the spokes.

What do you call a prop used in a coalmine also a bar placed between the spokes of a wheel acting as a brake?


If wagon wheel has 12 spaces between spokes How many spokes does the wheel have 10 11 12 or 14?

A wheel with 12 spaces will have 12 spokes.

If a wheel is 68 inches in diameter and the spokes are spaced on the wheel 19.41 inches apart what is the linear distance between the points where the two spokes attach to the wheel?

18.4 inches

If a wagon wheel has 20 spaces between the spokes how many spokes does it have?

There would be 20 spokes with 20 spaces. Picture each space as if it was a flag and each spoke as a flagpole.

How many spokes are there in the wheel of bicycle if any two spokes from an angle of 30 degress?

360 / 30 = 12 , so 12 spokes in that wheel.

The spokes on a ship's wheel are positioned so that the spokes divide the wheel inot eight equal sized sections . What is the measure of the angle between any two spokes?

The angle is pi/4 radian. If you are at an early stage in studying mathematics, that is 45 degrees.

A wheel has 15 spokes what is the angle between each two spokes?

There are 360 degrees in a circle, so all you have to do is divide 360 by 15 and you get 24 degrees between each spoke.

What is a round thing with spokes?

A wheel

If a wagon wheel has 18 spaces between the spokes how many spokes does it have?

18. Picture it this way. If a wagon wheel had 2 spaces, it is easy to see that it would have two spokes, say, top and bottom. Adding another spoke would block off another space. From this idea, you can see that the number of spaces must equal the number of spokes.

What are wagon spokes?

"Spokes" are the things that branch out from the centre of wheels to the outside edge of the wheel, to stabilise them. So wagon spokes are the things that branch out of wagon wheel centres (usually wooden, in this case). Bicycle wheels also have spokes.