What is a bar notation used to represent in math?

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It represents a repeating decimal

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Q: What is a bar notation used to represent in math?
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What does bar notation mean in math?

the repeating term of a decimal

What is a bar notation in math?

Its a line over a number showing that it is a repeating decimal

What is bar notation in a math problem?

bar notation is when u take a number and add 2 too it Avery time you drink AZ glass of water.

What is bar notation in math terms?

Bar notation in math terms means that in repeating decimals the line or bar placed over the digits that repeat like 3.666 the bar notation would go over all of the sixes because if the numbers are all the same you just draw the line over the first three numbers that repeat but if you have a number like 0.899899899 then you put the bar notation above the first pattern like .899 and take off the rest until it changes I know this answer is long but after you try it once it will stick with you.

What is 2.010101 using bar notation?

2.01 the bar notation is overthe .01

What is a math unit bar?

bar modeling is math

Is a bar chart used to represent interval data?

Bar charts are used to summarise nominal or ordinal data.

What is the bar notation of 0.585858?

It is bar 0.58585 :)

How do you do bar notation?

When you have a repeting decimal, such as 0.66666666... That will become 0.6 with the bar notation over the 6. Or, if it is a decimal such as 0.123123123... you would just put the bar notation over the 123.

What is a component bar chart?

This is used to represent the relative size of the components.

What is 0.735353535 repeating decimal using notation bar?

Sorry, but it is not possible to use a notation bar with this browser.

What is 0.424242 repeating decimal using bar notation?

In bar notation, it is .42. The bar rests atop the 42.

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