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A bijective numeration is a numeral system which uses digits to establish a bijection between finite strings and the positive integers.

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What is an antiautomorphism?

An antiautomorphism is a bijective antihomomorphism.

What is numeration all about?

Numeration is about counting or numbering objects and groups of objects.

What is the base for the Hebrew numeration system?

The Hebrew numeration system is base 10.

Is numeration an abstract noun or a common noun?

The noun 'numeration' is a common, abstract noun.The noun 'numeration' is a common noun as a general word for the action or process of calculating or assigning a number to something.The noun 'numeration' is an abstract noun as a word for a system or process of numbering; a word for a concept.

What is a biholomorphism?

A biholomorphism is a bijective holomorphism whose inverse is also holomorphic.

Comparision of Indian and international system of numeration?

100034 insert commas suitably and write write the number names in internationalsyestem of numeration answer

What are the different numeration system?

Base 2 system (Binary)Base 3 systemThere are too many numeration systems to name.

What is the advantage of the Hindu-Arabic numeration system over that of other numeration systems like Roman Numeration System?

i have now ideaImproved Answer:-It contains a zero figure thus facilitating the ease and speed of calculating numbers.

What is an antiunitary?

An antiunitary is an antiunitary operator - in mathematics, one which describes a bijective antilienar mapping.

How many 4-digit numbers are there in the hindu-arabic numeration system?

There are 9000 4-digit numbers in hindu-arabic numeration system

How do you write 615384 in international system of numeration?

615384 in international system of numeration is written as : six hundred fifteen thousand three hundred eighty four.

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