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Authentic Biography

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Q: What is a biography that deals with only factual information and in which everything not backed by reliable primary sources is discarded?
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A biography that deals with only factual information and in which everything not backed by reliable primary sources is discarded is called?

authentic biography

Definition of authentic biography?

An authentic biography is a factual and reliable account of a person's life, written based on accurate research, credible sources, and often with the collaboration of the subject or their close associates. It aims to present a truthful and unbiased representation of the individual's experiences, accomplishments, and impact on society.

What Biographical fiction?

Biography that uses only the information supported by reliable research.

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An authentic biography is one that uses only information and discards anything not backed up by reliable?

sources. It presents a factual account of a person's life, supported by evidence and research to ensure accuracy and credibility. By adhering to reliable sources and verified information, an authentic biography aims to provide an honest and truthful depiction of the subject.

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Is the most reliable A. a firsthand biography B. a biography written by a historian C. a biography written by the subject?

The most reliable biography is typically written by a historian, as they use multiple sources and strive for objectivity. Firsthand biographies often have biased perspectives, and biographies written by the subject may lack critical analysis.

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