What is a bruised foot?

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no... a foot stone bruise is what you get when you walk around barefoot. it feels rough and lumpy.

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Q: What is a bruised foot?
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Related questions

How long does it take for a bruised foot to heal?

2 weeks

Can a bruised foot bone cause burning pain?

Yes, it does.

How can you tell if the bottom of your foot is bruised?

Sit down in front of a mirror. Hold your foot up.

Do you need crutches for a bruised foot?

I feel you, literally. I had a really bad bruised foot, and then I irratated it on monday and then on Tuesday I went to the ER. Next day, I went to the foot doctor and It was fractured/ broken. I am now on crutches with a boot for a month. So if I were you, I would go to the doctor and get it checked out. Then probably you will get crutches. My foot was still bruised 3 weeks later.

Is there something you can put on or soak your dogs bruised foot in?

frozen peas

How do you tell if your foot is broken bruised or fractured?

It will hurt BADLY if it's broken or fractured. Try not to walk on it then. If iit's bruised, then dont touch it.

How long with your foot be bruised if it is fractured?

Mine lasted about six to seven weeks.

What would name my right ankle and foot swell?

You ankle and foot can swell from a few things. You could have broken something, spunk something or just bruised it.

I fell on my foot and now it really hurts to the point that I can't help but limp but it's not swollen or bruised?


Why would a rabbit limp?

The rabbit's paw could be cut, there could be a broken bone, there could be a bruised foot.

How do you treat a bruised or popped vein on side of your foot?

You can't really do much you have to sort of wait it out, and eventually it will heal on its own.

What causes bottom foot pain?

Bottom foot pain can have a variety of causes. It can be anything from a bruised heel to plantar fasciitis. Either way, it should be looked at by a doctor if it persists.

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