What is a buzzcut?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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A buzzcut is a closely cropped military style haircut.

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Q: What is a buzzcut?
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What do you give a buzzcut with?

Most buzzcut's are given with hair clippers, you can get this cut at the salon.

How do you make your Fantage person bald?

Im sorry to say but, you cant be bald on Fantage. But you could buy a Buzzcut at Stealars Saloon at Down Town. Or you get GEMS to get a Buzzcut. P.S. The Buzzcut in Stealars Saloon is Grey and if you use GEMS the Buzzcut is Yellow. P.S.S I dont know what the GEMS are to get the Yellow Buzzcut. Hope this helps!

In Beavis and Butt-head if Todd and Mr. Buzzcut were to fight each other who would win?

No contest. Buzzcut. Todd's just another punk who thinks he can do whatever he wants, while Buzzcut is a military veteran who can land about 10 kicks to your head. If Todd were to ever come across Buzzcut, he'll get the blood beat out of him, get his consciousness forcibly regained, then get the blood beat out of him some more, and repeat it over and over until the fear of Buzzcut is ingrained into his psyche.

When was Coach Bradley Buzzcut's born?


What rhymes with but and starts with b?

Butt, buzzcut

What haircut does george st Pierre have?

Short buzzcut

Did harry styles really get a buzzcut?

No, but if he did, we would still love him :)

Should you get a number 2 buzzcut?

A 2 or a 1 is awesome. Even on females.

Why might have kipling included the proverb found in miss youghals sais?

its buzzcut season

What buzzcut haircut looks good with a faux hawk?

If you were to buzz the sides and leave the middle long, you wouldn't have a fauxhawk. You'd have a regular mohawk. So...I'd say "no" buzzcut would look good with a fauxhawk because you just can't do it that way.

Should you get a buzzcut?

You should get a buzzcut if you like the way it looks and enjoy staying cool in the summer. This haircut is usually done using a set of clippers with a short guide.

Can teenage boys have long hair?

a teen boy is meant to have a buzzcut or nothing longer than a short back and sides.