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Q: What is a cars speed in ms if it travels 5 meters in 0.2 seconds?
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A car travels 20 meters to 60 meters in 10 seconds Calculate the cars speed?

If a car travels 200 meters in 10 seconds what is the speed of the car

What is the momentum of two cars if they both have a mass of .04 kg and travel at a speed of 4 meters per seconds?


A car travels 4500m east in 5 seconds what is the cars average velocity?

900 m/s velocity=meters/sec v=4500/5=900

How many meters of Driving distance between cars?

it is recommende to keep a gap of at least two seconds behind the car in front of you so the distance varies with the speed

The speed of a car is decreased uniformly from 30 meters per second to 10 meters per second in 4.0 seconds What is the cars acceleration?

(10 - 30)/4 = -5.0 meters per second per second (which can be written also as meters per second squared).

At what speed do most amtrak sleeper cars travel across country?

Each sleeper car travels at the speed of the locomotive that propels it.

How many seconds between cars?

At least 2. At freeway speed, 3-5.

How do you determine the process used to find a cars' speed and average speed?

distance in miles divided by time in hours equals MPH. or more simply put velocity X time = distance. For shorter distances you can use meters divided by seconds = mps

A car travels 66 kilometers in 3 hours what is its speed?

The cars avg speed would be 66 km/ 3 hr which is 22kmh

If a cars velocity changes from 0 ms to 30 ms 10 seconds later its average acceleration is?

Acceleration = (change in speed) / (change in time) = (30 m/s) / (10 sec) = 3 meters per second2

A car travels 30 m in 5 sec after accelerating for 3 seconds it travels 20 m in 2 seconds Calulate the cars acceleration?

First you need to find the two different speeds of the car which is the distance/time. We find that the car first travels at an average of 6ms-1 and then after accelerating has a speed of 10ms-1. Acceleration is the rate of change of velocity over time, our change of velocity being 10-6=4ms-1 and the change in time being stated as 3 seconds we can convert this into... (4/3)ms-2

If a car travels at 30 miles in a hour and a half what is the cars speed?

Just divide distance by time to get speed.30 miles / 1.5 hrs = 20 MPH