What is a chart area in Excel?

Updated: 11/4/2022
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Excel does not have a specific chart area. You might be referring to the area within a chart where you can change the legend and other information. You will find chart tools on the Insert tab of the Excel 2007 ribbon.

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Q: What is a chart area in Excel?
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What is the Chart Area in Excel?

The Chart Area contains all elements of the chart. That includes the chart itself but also the area around it where the legend and titles around the axes are.

In Excel what is the background for a chart called?

A cell background or its fill or its pattern or its shading.

What is a Plot Area in excel?

It is the part of a chart that shows the actual data, such as where bars are in a bar chart or lines in a line chart. The plot area does not include things like the titles or the legend.

What is the region enclosed within the axes of the chart in Microsoft Excel 2007?

The Plot Area.

What is the difference between the chart area and plot area in excel?

The plot area is the rectangular area formed by the axes. The chart area is bigger and includes the title, the axes labels and values and the key (in its default positions).

What is an area chart in Word or Excel?

It is a line chart with the area below a line to either the X Axis or the next line below it, being filled with a particular colour.

What does clicking and dragging top of chart do in Excel?

It allows you to move the chart. Depending on where you click exactly, you can pick up the chart and then drag it to a new location. This only works if you are in an embedded chart. It does not do anything on a chart sheet. You can also move the plot area within the chart area on both an embedded chart or a chart on a chart sheet, when you click at the top or on any part on the plot area.

What chart is the Excel default?

A column chart.

When creating a chart in Excel the plot area is what?

contains graphical representation of values in data series

How do you create 3D chart in Microsoft Excel?

There are many charting options in Excel. When you choose your chart, select a 3D chart.

How do you customize the plot area walls and chart area?

The plot area walls and chart area in Excel can easily be customized. This can be done by applying predefined shape styles to the area. You can also apply shape outlines and shape fills.

How do you put a chart title box after a chart has been created?

You can do it through going to the chart options. Excel charts are very adaptable. If you right click on any area of the chart you can change the thing you have clicked on. If you right click in an open area of the chart and go to Chart Options you will get the options to add titles.