What is a circle prism?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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There is no such thing as a circle prism. The closest thing to a circle prism would be a cylinder.

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Q: What is a circle prism?
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Is a circle a prism?

No, a circle is not a prism as all prisms are 3D. A 3D 'circle (for want of a better word) is a sphere.

Is one face of a rectangular prism is a circle?


What is a prism whose base is a circle called?

A Cylinder

What the difference between a triangle prism and a cone?

A cone has a circle for a base and a triangular prism has a triangle for a base

What is polyhedron with two parallel congruent bases?

a circle * * * * * A circle is not even a polyhedron! The correct answer is a prism.

How is a circle and a rectangle alike with a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

A circle is like a rectangle because they are both closed figures and are 360 degrees. A cylinder is like a rectangular prism because they are each 3 dimensional.

The figure formed by the intersection of a solid with a plane parallel to the base of the solid is congruent to the base if the solid is?

A prism. A prism is named for its base, eg a triangular prism has a triangle for the base. If the base is a circle, the circular prism is called a cylinder.

How is a circle and a rectangular alike with a cylinder and a rectangular prism?

A cylinder contains 2 faces that are circles and a rectangular prism contains 6 faces that a a rectangle.

What shape has 7 face's 10 vertices and 15 edges?

hemisphere a hemisphere is half of a sphere This is a pentagonal prism

What is the shape of the prism base?

It depends what kind of prism: Rectangular prism-rectangle Could be circle too. It depends on what kind of prism it is. If it is a rectangular prism, it's base is a rectangle. If it's a triangular prism, it's base will be a triangle. P.S.-If you have any other questions about prisms or geometry in general, feel free to ask me!

Whats the difference between a cylinder and a prism How are the bases of these shapes similar?

A cylinder has a circle as a base, while a prism has either a triangle (most common) or a rectangle as a base.

What is the circumference of a triangular prism?

Well, a triangle isn't a circle, so you cant find the circumference of it.