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The length of the edge of a circle.

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In math what does c short for?

A c in math stands for Circumference. Circumference is the distance around a circle.

What does math term for circumference mean?

The perimeter of a circle is its circumference.

How do you find the of a circumference of circle in math?

the formula is: circumference= p*diameter

What does the word circumference mean in math terms?

Circumference is like the perimeter of a circle.

What is the circumference of the planets in inches?

The circumference of the planets in inches is the circumference of the planets in kilometers multiplied by 39,370.0787. Do the math yourself.

What is a good sentence with the word circumference?

Today in our math class, we had to find the circumference of a circle.

What is the circumference of the circle with a 12inch diameter?

The circumference is equal to pi ( 3.14167... ) times the diameter. You do the math.

What does circumference mean in math term?

ok one what grade are in because the circumference is the area around a circle

What is circumference in math terms?

The line round the edge of the circle.

What are the circumference of 4 cm?

3.14 times 16 you do the math

What is the definition of Phi in math?

ratio between diameter and circumference

The diameter is 1cm whats the circumference?

The circumference of a circle with a diameter of 1 cm would be 0.31. This is used a lot in math.

What are some math words that start with C?

Calculate, calculus and circumference are math words. Compound interest, compute, coordinates and cosine are math words.

What kind of math is involved in making a snowman?

The radius, diameter and, circumference.

What do pi have to do with math?

you use pi to calculate the area or circumference of a circle

If the diameter of the circle needs to be 8 centimeter about what will the circumference of the corcle be?

If the diameter of a circle is 8 the circumference would be 2.54. This is taught in math.

What is the circumference of a 24 inch diameter?

To calculate circumference you need to multiply the diameter by pi C= d x pi (3.14) Do the math

What math words begins with C?

calculate combine circumference circle count

What about pai in mathmatic?

Pi in math is use to find the circumference or area of a circle.

What does cirumference mean when using math?

Basically, the circumference of a circle is the perimeter of the circle.

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