What is a closed flat figure?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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a closed, flat figure is a polygon. But it is only a polygon when it is not round.

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Q: What is a closed flat figure?
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Is a circle closed figure or open figure?

closed figure

Is a triangle a closed figure or open figure?

yes, a triangle is a closed figure

What is a flat figure polygon?

A flat figure polygon is a 2-D figure. It can be a square rectangle decagon dodecagon nonagon heptagon hexagon triangle parallelogram rhombus trapezoid and I forgot what the 2-D name for an 11 sided figure. (2-D can only be shown on paper and a polygon is any CLOSED figure) Hope this Helps!!! A.S.

Is a colsed figure with three or more sides which never curves?

If "colsed" is meant to be "closed", and if the figure is planar (flat), and if the sides of the figure do not cross, then it is a polygon. But answer to the question could include shapes such as stars (pentagrams) which are not polygons..

Is a closed figure counted as a polygon?

Yes. A simple closed figure is counted as a polygon for a polygon is closed.

Geometric figure that begins and ends at the same point?

That's called a closed figure.That's called a closed figure.That's called a closed figure.That's called a closed figure.

What is a closed figure with five sides?

A pentagon. A closed figure means that all the lines of the figure are connected.

What is the distance around closed figure?

The distance round a closed figure is the perimeter.

What of a solid figure is a flat surface?

A a solid figure on a flat surface is a plane figure (I do believe)

Flat surface on a solid figure?

the flat surfaces of a solid figure are the

Which figure has no flat surfaces?

One of the figure which has no flat surface is Sphere.

What is a 5 sided and is a closed figure?

A pentagon is a 5 sided, closed figure.