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Q: What is a collection of flowers called a vase b bouquet c basket?
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What is called of group of flowers?

It is a bouquet of flowers. A posy or nosegay of flowers is a much smaller bouquet of flowers.

What is a fistful of flowers called?

bouquet of flowers

What are clusters of flowers called?


What does Flowers carried by bride called?

her bouquet

What is more than one flowers called?

A group of flowers is called a bouquet or a bunch.

What do you call a lot of flowers put together?

medow They grow together in a meadow. They are put together in a bouquet.

Bunch of flowers that you present to chief guest is called as?

A bunch of flowers that you present to a chief guest is called a bouquet. These can be made using any assortment of flowers.

An arrangement of flowers is called a?

flower arrangement, a bouquet, wreath, topiary, swag.

What is an English basket to carry flowers called?

An English flower basket is a 'trug'

What is a mass of flowers called?

A mass of flowers could be called a bouquet. Certain types of flowers are referred to as mass flowers. Examples are: rose, carnation, gerbera, sunflower, lily, daffodil, tulip, iris, freesia, zinnia, alstroemeria, protea and chrysanthemum. They are usually the main flowers in a bouquet. Mass planting is filling in an area in the landscape with flowers of one or more types.

Clusters of flowers are called?

Bluebonnets, Ixora, frangipani,heliconia

What is a group of flowers called?

A group of flowers may be called a bunch (a group of things growing close together); a cluster or clump. A bouquet is a group of flowers arranged for its beauty.