What is a complimentery angle?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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a angle that equals 90 degrees

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Q: What is a complimentery angle?
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What is the meaning of complimentery?

Can mean free, without charge. eg., we had complemetery tickets for the concert as my son was the soloist.

What are at least 15 or more classifications of angles defined in geometry?

1 degrees, minutes and seconds of an angle 2 acute angle 3 right angle 4 obtuse angle 5 reflex angle 6 interior angle of a polygon 7 exterior angle of a polygon 8 angle of elevation 9 angle of depression 10 corresponding equal angles 11 alternate equal angles 12 supplementary angles of 180 degrees 13 complimentery angles of 90 degrees 14 vertical opposite equal angles 15 subtended radian in a circle 16 earths tilt angle 17 angles transcribed by instruments 18 tangent ratio angle 19 cosine ratio angle 20 sine ratio angle 21 vertex or apex angle 22 angles around a point add to 360 degrees 23 a way out angle to sign off

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What are the types of geometric angles?

Right angle, obtuse angle, acute angle, supplementary angle, complementary angle, interior angle, exterior angle, adjacent angle

What is the angle between the angle of incidence and the angle of reflection?

the angle of incidence is the initial ray angle and the angle of reflection is the reflected ray angle

The angle of reflection is equal to the .......?

The angle of incidence

A right angle is an angle that has a?

A right angle is a angle with 90o

What is the angle that measures 170 degrees?

It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle. It is an obtuse angle.

What is the negation of angle a is a right angle?

It is: "angle a is not a right angle" or "angle a is greater than or less than a right angle".

What type of angle is a 98 angle?

An angle of 98 degrees is an obtuse angle

If an angle measures 245 what is the name of the angle?

obtuse angle