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In a ploynomial or differential equation or really any formula or equation with variables in it, the coefficients are the terms "in front of" the variable or multiplied the variables. Each variable generally has its own coefficient. If a coefficient is constant (ie just a number) then it is a constant coefficient. eg Consider the polynomial , 3x2+9yx+6 in terms of x. It has one constant coefficient (3), one variable coefficient (9y) and one constant (6).

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Q: What is a constant coefficient?
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Is there a constant in the problem of 46n?

the coefficient is 46 and the constant is 0

What is the coefficient in 6n 3?

6 is the coefficient, n is the variable, 3 is the constant

Where possible identify the variable numerical coefficient and constant in each expression 7a-8?


What is the difference between a constant and a coefficient?

A constant is just a number, while a coefficient is associated by one or more variables, for example -2x, 5x2y, -zw, ect. We say that a coefficient is the numerical part of a term.

When a constant is joined to variable it is called a?


What the constant factor of a term of polynomial?


Explain the difference between a constant and a coefficient?

A constant is just a number that remains same throughout, while a coefficient is one which is followed by one or more variables.

What does a coefficient represent?

It depends on the equation and the coefficient. Coefficients can be constant (Boltzmann constant, Avogadro's number) but they can also be variable (Reynolds number). The coefficient of gravity, g, is 9.81 m/s^2 in metric units on Earth.

Constant that depends on the natures of the two surfaces in contact?

This constant is mu; the coefficient of friction.

What is the spring constant in design of pile?

it is a soil constant (coefficient of sub grade reaction)

A trinomial with a leading coefficient of 3 and a constant term of -5?


What is the term coefficient and constant of 7h plus 3?


Is the number 7 considered a constant or a coefficient?

a constant is any regular number like 1,2,3,4, etc. a coefficient is any number with a variable so 1x,2x,3x,4x, etc. so im positive 7 is a constant

Coefficient of expansion of air at constant pressure?


Is pi a coefficient?

Yes--in that it is a constant that typically precedes a variable.

Where p is a factor of the leading coefficient of the polynomial and q is a factor of the constant term.?

Anywhere. Provided it is not zero, and number p can be the leading coefficient of a polynomial. And any number q can be the constant term.

Difference between a constant and a coefficient?

Ya mum Constant are numbers which has no units (EG: PYE which is 22/7) . They are just numbers. Where as coefficients have units. . where as Coefficient like alpha the thermal coefficient has units .It is so many mm/meter/ deg C

What is the constant in 5a plus 2?

2. Although, technically, the coefficient, 5, is also a constant.

What is the numerical coefficient of 49n?

The numerical coefficient of 49n is n. It refers to the constant multiplicative factors that is attached to the mathematical expression variables.

What are constants terms and coefficients?

The numerical multiplier of any term in an algebraic expression is a coefficient. The constant term is a coefficient which does not have a variable associated with it.

What is the number or constant factor in a variable term in an expression?

This is known as a coefficient.

How can a chemical equation be used to write a equilibrium-constant expression?

by multiplying the products to the coefficient powers over multiplying the reactants to coefficient powers

What is the difference between a coefficient and variable?

A variable is a part of a term which can change. A coefficient is a numerical constant, associated with a variable. For example, in the term 3x^2 , 3 is the coefficient, while x is a variable.

What is a coefficient in a term?

A coefficient is the constant number that is paired with a variable. For instance, in the term 3x, the coefficient is 3. Similarly, in the term 9y^2, the coefficient is 9. I will solve all your math problems. Check my profile for more info.

What is the absorption coefficient of concrete?

Absorption coefficient of concrete for what? For sound waves, mechanical vibrations, radiation, etc... Next question is for what energy? Coefficient if a function of energy rather than a constant.

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