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A Line.

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Q: What is a continuous mark made on a surface by moving a point?
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What is the meaning of the word line in art?

The word line in art means a line is a basic element of art, referring to a continuous mark, made on a surface, by a moving point.

What is the definition for line?

A thin continuous mark, as that made by a pen, pencil, or brush applied to a surface.

What is a path made by a moving point?

Navigational path

How do you work out loci?

Loci - A group of points made by a point moving according to a given law. Cho x Loci - A group of points made by a point moving according to a given law. Cho x Loci - A group of points made by a point moving according to a given law. Cho x

A line is related to a surface as a point to a?

Line a surface is made up of lines...a line is made up of points. :)

Your net is made up of 2 circles and a rectangle you have a continuous curved surface what are you?

your a cylinder, i think.............pretty sure

Is the surface of the earth a continuous shell of rock?

no. It is made up of several different 'pieces'. These are called tectonic plates.

What is the idea of continental drift?

the Earth's surface is made up of large moving plates

What chemicals are made by continuous process?

almost all of the chemicals are made by continuous process.

What is a continuous line?

A continuous line means a single-unbroken line. In the case of visual art it is when an entire picture is made without lifting the tool (pen, pencil etc) from the surface (paper, canvas etc).

What body of surface water is stationary?

technically water is never stationary as it is made up of moving particles

What do you call the mark made by applying a loaded brush on a surface?


When was wind made?

Continuous creation.

If the surface of a concave mirror is made more curved what happens to its focal length?

A concave mirror is a spherical mirror with a reflective inside surface. When the reflective surface is made more curved, the distance between the focal point and the surface increases. A concave mirror can form both virtual or real images.

Is a sound wave continuous?

A sound wave is continuous for as long as the sound vibrations are being made at its source.

What are table tennis tables made of of?

A table tennis table playing surface must be made of any continuous material. Table tennis tables are available with tops made of plywood, particle-board, plastics, metals, concrete or fibre-glass. However, for major tournaments, only wood or wooden derivates may be used for the playing surface.

What is Neptunes surface made of?

neptunes surface is made of gasses

What is the characteristics of Neptune's surface?

Neptune doesn't really have a surface to have characteristics. Its surface is its atmosphere, which is made up of hydrogen, helium, methane, and has storms scattered through out the planet. The Great Dark Spot is a storm that is moving ten times faster than a hurricane.

What is the surface like on a gas planet?

Well it is different for each planet, but it is made of gas... so doesn't really have a surface. It would look like a huge ball of multicoloured gas, bubbling, moving etc.

What is Uranus's surface made of?

Uranus's surface is made of frozen gases

How do you use the word continuous in a sentence?

I have not had a cigarette for days, but it's a continuous battle.I wouldn't have graduated without the continuous support of my family.St. Theresa spent all of her waking hours in continuous prayer.The boy made continuous noise and was punished.Time and space are continuous and endless, like my sentences.The continuous, never ending water flowed rapidly down the river.orThe continuous pattern in the stiches was the first thing I saw.

What is the strand of DNA that is made as one continuous piece at each replication fork called?

The continuous strand is known as the leading strand.

Who believed that matter was continuous and was not made up of atoms?


What is the name given to the continuous sound made on the bagpipes?


How was the giant red spot made of?

A raging storm that is continuous.