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It is a large wooden ship, probably made in the 1700's.

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Q: What is a correlational design?
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What did William Harvey use correlational design to discover?

Correlational design is a procedure where two variables are measured, without manipulation, to determine if there is a relationship. He used correlational design to describe, in detail, the systematic circulation and properties of the blood.

Why use a descriptive research design?

Correlational research is descriptive research design. One reason to use this type of research is that you collect data but there is no alteration of the environment and it is not manipulated.

Is Sandra L Bem's study on androgyny considered to be correlational or experimental?


What is correlational studies?

A correlational study is one where you examine correlations without manipulating any variables.

Correlational study is it cause and effect?

No correlational study is not cause and effect because correlation does not measure cause.

Example of correlational research?


Correlational research is useful because it can?


What is correlational survey?

A correlational survey or study determines if two or more variables are correlated. It helps you determine the specific relationship between the variables.

How does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods?

how does experimental research differ importantly from correlational research methods Correlational Research are predictions and are mostly based on statistics. Whereas Experimental Research is based on experiment and explaination.

Is correlational study qualitative or quantitative?


What are the two methods of research in psychology?

Experimental and correlational

What are the disadvantages of a correlational study?

Causation cannot be determined.

Correlational research is most useful for purposes of?


What are the weaknesses of using correlational research?

Causation cannot be determined... You cannot be certain which is the cause and which is the effect, as the correlational data is only supporting the idea that they are both occurring together.

When an objects force increases how does its acceleration change?

directly correlational

How does a Correlational experiment differ from a quasi experiment?

I think it has to do with the quasi you cannot randomly assign people to groups and cannot infer causality. With correlational you are simply examine the relationship between two nominal variables.

What are pairs of scores from a correlational study usually plotted on?

bar chart

What is used in experiments but not in the correlational method?

measuring a variable such as how aggressive or how helpful people are

This is the type of research that describes the strength and direction of relationships between variables?


Which of the following are the three basic types of research used in psychology?


A major disadvantage of correlational research is that?

It cannot be used to demonstrate cause and effect relationships.

Correlational method allows researchers to compare the degree of what?

relationship between two varaiables.

What type of research study can suggest likely associations but not cause-and-effect relationships?


Why do researchers use correlational studies?

To look for relationships between the data being studied.

What are Advantages to Correlation study?

An advantage of using a correlational study is that it allows you to investigate variables that cannot be directly manipulated.