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it is a line on a graph that is curved

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Q: What is a curve in math?
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What is a crest in math terms?

It is a local maximum for a non-linear curve, which may be a periodic curve.

What is a math Jibble?

a poloygon that does not curve or cross and is closed

What is the node in math?

The definition of a node as it is used in math is that a node is a singular point of a curve. It is also defined as vertex in a graph.

Is the radius In math?

It is the distance, from any point on a curve, to the centre of curvature at that point.

What is diferentiation?

In math, the same as taking the derivative - basically, finding the slope of a line or curve.

Whatdoes the word chord mean in math?

It is a straight line joining two different points on a curve which does not cross the curve between those two points.

How do you graph a cosine curve?

Here is a video showing more complex graphing of a cosine curve. He has many great videos that you should check out if you need math help.

Are there any math words that start with the letter k?

The Greek letter Kappa (κ) is sometimes used in math. For example, in differential geometry, the curvature of a curve is given by κ.

Are there any math words that start with E exept for equation?

Even numbers, Equilateral triangle, Exponential growth curve...

What is meniscus in math?

I am not quite sure what the meniscus is in math, but I do know what it is defined as when related to science. The meniscus when talking about science is the curve in a flask or other measuremnt jar in the metric system of the liquid. (the curve of the liquid wether it be up or down is the meniscus, although it is more commonly seen going in a downwards direction)

What does chord mean in math terms?

A chord is a line segment between two points on a given curve. Basically it's two points that are connected with a line which all happens to be on a curve. Most likely a circle

What is the definition of inflection point in math?

That's a point where the curve of a graph changes from "concave upward" to "concave downward", or vice versa.

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