What is a data logger?

Updated: 11/3/2022
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A data logger is an electronic device that records data over a set period of time. This can have built in instruments or sensors that detect the data.

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Q: What is a data logger?
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Can you use data-logger to measure your temperature?

Yes, you can use a data-logger to measure temperature by attaching a temperature sensor to the data-logger and placing it in the desired location. The data-logger will then regularly record temperature data over time, allowing you to analyze trends and deviations.

Who would benefit from using a voltage data logger?

Electricians or home owners would benefit from using a voltage data logger. Read more about voltage data logger at

Is the data can be manipulated in a data logger?

I'm not sure if i understand the question, but I believe you're asking if data can be manipulated in a data logger. If this is the question then yes. By changing the are manipulating it

How does a data logger work?

please answer

How does data logger works?

please answer

Who makes data logger equipment compatible with GPS?

Thomas Net makes data logger software compatible with GPS. You can visit their website at

What does a low temperature data logger do?

A low temperature data logger is a device designed to monitor and record temperature levels in environments that require low temperature storage or transportation, such as medical laboratories, cold chain logistics, or food storage. It helps ensure that the temperature remains within acceptable ranges to maintain the integrity and quality of the products being stored or transported.

Can a liquid in glass thermometer be connected to a data logger to measure a temperature?

Yes, a liquid-in-glass thermometer can be connected to a data logger using a thermistor or thermocouple attached to the thermometer bulb. The data logger can then collect and record temperature readings from the thermometer to provide a digital record of temperature measurements over time.

Where can a person purchase a temperature data logger online?

There are different sites where you can purchase a temperature data logger. Some sites are tttech or dataloggersonline. There are many sites you can purchase from.

What is temperature sensor?

data logger pt 100 sensor

Where can a temperature data logger be purchased?

A temperature data logger can be purchased at several places. Some of these places include Inspector Tools, Digi-Key, Kats Scientific, Micro DAQ, and Omega.

How do you balance pH levels in plants?

PH sensor with a data logger