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It is a repeating decimal.

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Q: What is a decimal in which a digit or a group of digits repeats without end?
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A decimal number in which a digit or group of digits repeats without end?

a decimal in which a digit or group of digits repeats without end

In the decimal expansion of the digit repeats indefinitely.?

In the decimal expansion of , the digit repeats indefinitely.

How do you determine if a decimal is rational or not?

A decimal is a rational number if it ever ends, or if it repeats the same single digit or set of digits forever.

What does repeating decimal means?

In a repeating decimal, sometimes one digit repeats and sometimes more than one digit repeats.

How many two digit numbers can be made using the digits 1234?

With repeats: 4×4 = 16; Without repeats: 4×3 = 12.

What are repeating decimals?

When you convert a fraction to a decimal sometimes the decimal repeats forever. For example 1/3 as a decimal = 0.333333333.... (or 0.3 "recurring"). Another example is 1/7=0.142857142857.... (or 0.142857 recurring).

How many different 2 digit numbers can be formed from the digits 2 6 7 and 8?

Without repeats there are 4 × 3 = 12 possible 2 digit numbers. With repeats there are 4 × 4 = 16 possible 2 digit numbers.

How many 5 digit numbers can be made from the digits 1 throuh 5 if no digit repeats?


If a fraction can be written as a repeating decimal Only One digit Can Repeat over And over withoutbend?

No, there can be any finite number of repeating digits. For example, 1/9 = 0.101010... where 10 repeats. Division by 7 gives rise to a six-digit string which repeats.

Is a decimal number with two digits is sometimes equal to a decimal number with three digits?

Only if the final digit, after the decimal point, is zero.

What is the most less six digit odd number with no repeated digits?

102345 is the smallest [positive] 6-digit number with no repeats.

The smallest positive two digit number?

0.1 is the smallest positive number with 2 digits and a decimal point. without a decimal point the smallest is 10.

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