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Two quantities x and y are said to be in direct proportion if whenever the value of x increase (or decrease), then the value of y increases (or decrease) in such a way that the ratio x/y remains constant.

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Two variables, X and Y are in direct proportion if Y = kX where k is a constant of proportion.

This requires that if one of x and y is 0, then so is the other, and that for every unit increase in x, y increase by k.

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Q: What is a direct proportion?
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Differentiate direct proportion from inverse proportion?

when both increaes its direct proportion and when one increase and othe decreases its inverse proportion.

What do you know about direct proportion and inverse proportion?

direct proportion: y=kx inverse proportion: y=k/x

Does Working with Rates rely on direct proportion?

Yes it does rely on direct proportion.

Which type of line shows a direct proportion?

Which type of line shows a direct proportion

What are the two kinds of proportion?

the two kinds of proportion are direct proportion and partitive proportion.

What are the three kinds of proportion?

the three kinds of proportions are indirect proportion, direct proportion and thepartitive proportion

How can you tell if it is inverse proportion from direct proportion?

you can't

How do you identify the indirect proportion and a direct proportion?


How can you determine if a graph forms a direct proportion?

If it is a straight line through the origin then it represents a direct proportion.

Indirect proportion direct proportion and partitive proportion dealing solving problems?


Is this an example of direct or inverse proportion?


What are the 4 kinds of proportionality in physics?

Direct Proportion Inverse Proportion Direct square Proportion Inverse Square Proportion Hope it helps :)

What it is inverse and direct proportion?

Direct Proportion means that as one increases, the other also increases.Inverse proportion is the reciprocal of direct proportion. If something is in the direct proportion of 1:3, then the inversion proportion is 3:1.OrIndirect Proportion means that as one increases the other decreases, or one is directly proportional to 1 divided by the other. Example: Pressure is indirectly proportional to volume, or Pressure is directly proportional to 1/Volume.

What are the 4 types of proportion?

direct proportion indirect proportion additive proportion partitive proportion

Definition: In a direct proportion y = kx, the number k is called the constant of ______.?


How can you tell when a relationship between two numbers is a direct proportion or an inverse proportion?

For example the number 5. * A direct proportion would be 5/1 * The inverse would be 1/5

What is the formula direct proportion?

x and y are in direct proportion if there is some positive constant c such that y = cx

What is the relationship between two circles?

Their circumferences are in direct proportion to their radii. Their areas are in direct proportion to the square of their radii.

What is direct and indirect proportion?

Direct Proportion-As one of the value increases,so does the other. Indirect Proportion-As one value increases,the other decreases. ~Hannah^^

How do you solve the proportion of something?

There cannot be a "proportion of something": proportion is a relationship between two things, and how you solve it depends on whether they (or their transformations) are in direct proportion or inverse proportion.

What is the definition of direct proportion?

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Is parabola is direct proportion?

No, it is not.

What is the direct proportion?

Two variables, X and Y, are said to be in direct proportion if X/Y is a constant. Equivalently, Y = cX for some constant c.

What is direct proportion?

a waste of time learning

Is expenditure and number of family members direct or inverse proportion?

Neither. Many items of expenditure would be shared (eg housing, utilities, transport, holidays) so the proportion would not be direct. But it would be closer to direct than inverse.