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The opposite mathematical relationship.

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Q: What is a direct relationship as compared to inverse relationship?
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Is the relationship between pressure and volume direct or inverse?

the relationship between pressure and volume a direct or inverse?

What is the opposite of an inverse relationship?

The opposite is a direct relationship.

What is the difference between a direct and inverse relationship?

direct means it stays the same while inverse means it will change.

The relationship between quantity demanded and price is direct or inverse?


Is boyles law a direct or indirect relationship?

Boyle's Law is an indirect relationship. (Or an inverse)

Is fluid flow versus viscosity an inverse or direct relationship?

As viscocity increases fluid flow decreases other words, the relationship is inverse.

Is the relationship between the number of pendulum swings and time direct or inverse?

swings = cycles x time ; it is a direct relationship with time

A straight line on a graph means there is a what relationship?

A direct relationship if the slope of the line is positive. An inverse relationship if the slope of the line is negative.

What is the relationship between the mass of water and its volume compared to copper?

It is the inverse of the specific gravity of copper.

How can you tell if a graph has a direct relationship and an inverse relationship?

If the graph shows a direct relationship, then the line will go up. If it shows an inverse relationship, the line will go down. A direct relationship means that as one variable increases, so does the other. On a graph, this means that as we move out along one axis, we also move out along the other. An inverse relationship means that as one variable increases, the other one decreases. So, for example, as we move to the right (X increasing), we have to move down (Y decreasing).

The relationship between quantity supplied and price is direct or inverse?

As quantity supplied goes up, price goes down. This is because the supply function is downward sloping. Thus, the relationship is inverse.

Does a supply curve show a direct or inverse relationship between price and quantity supplied?

Yes, it does.