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Well, a fifth is one fifth of one, that's why it's called a fifth, it's divided into five. If your question was 'what is a fifth a tenth of?', then the answer would be two. What is a fifth a seventh of? 1.4, etc.

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Q: What is a fifth a fifth of?
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What is something divided by five equals?

A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.A fifth of that something.

What is 1 fifth plus 1 fifth?

One fifth plus one fifth is two fifths (2/5).

How many liters in a fifth?

A "fifth" is one fifth of a gallon. One "fifth" is .757 liter.

If the answer is he is the 'fifth' leader what will be the question?

he is the fifth minister

What is A to the fifth?

The letter a is a variable. "To the fifth" means to the fifth power, or a*a*a*a*a. If a equals 3, "a to the fifth" equals 243.

In the film the fifth element wHaT is the fifth element?

"Life" was the fifth element...

Where is 1 fifth on a ruler?

The answer depends on 1 fifth of what? One fifth of an inch will be quite different from a fifth of a metre!

Is a fifth of liquor bigger than a pint?

A fifth is a fifth of a gallon, a pint is an eighth of a gallon. So the fifth is larger

What is a fifth of alcohol?

A fifth of a gallon.

what is a fifth of 35?


Do you need to capitalize fifth grade in a sentence?

It is not necessary to capitalize fifth grade.I just finished fifth grade.My teacher in fifth grade was kind.Fifth grade was easy.

What is the fifth republic government?

The Fifth Republic Government Is The French Fifth Republic Government

Which is the greater mass one fifth of 5kg or one fifth of 5000g?

one fifth

What is 2 and thee fifth minus 4 and one fifth?

1 and 3 fifth

What is a Texas fifth of whiskey?

Fifth= 750 ml Texas Fifth= 1 L

What is the medical term meaning fifth toe?

Usually the medical term for the fifth toe is fifth toe. You could also call it the fifth digit of the foot, or the fifth pedal digit. The layman's term for the fifth toe is the pinky toe.

Is it Thirty-fifth or Thirty-Fifth?

its Thirty-fifth if in the middle of a scentence and it's Thirty-Fifths if it's the beggining of a scentence

What is the fifth alkane?

the fifth alkane is pentane

Will there be a fifth twilight series?

There will be a fifth book.

How do you spell fifth?

Fifth is the correct spelling.

Is a fifth bigger than a seventh?


What is one fifth in millimeters?

That depends what it is a fifth of.

What is a fifth of 2?

A fifth of 2 is 0.4

Does 750 equal a fifth?

It depends on a fifth of what!

What part of speech is fifth?

Fifth is a adjective