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1/5 of 40 = 8

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Q: What is a fifth of forty?
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What is a quarter fifth of forty?

One fifth of forty is eight. One quarter of eight is two.

What is Four fifth of fifty?

Forty !

What is the three fifth of forty five?


What is one fifth of forty?

one fifth of 40 is the same as 40 divided by 5 which is 8.

What percent is 1 fifth of forty five?


How do you spell 45th in words?

45th = forty-fifth.

What is 3 to the fifth power in words?

Three to the fifth power equals two hundred forty-three.

What is 45 written in ordinal word form?


What is a fifth of forty-five?

1/5 of 45 is 9

What is the forty fifth element in the periodic table of the elements?


What is the traditional gift given for a forty fifth wedding anniversary?


What is one fifth of forty five?

1/5 of 45 is nine.

Who was forty fifth president?

We don't know yet. Our current president is the 44th.

One fifth of a number is nine. What is the number?

The number is forty-five (45).

How many tenths are there in four fifth?

forty tenths yes thats right

What is forty divided by one fifth?

45 divided by 1/5 is 225.

Who is the forty fifth president?

the 45th president has not been elected yet. obama will be the 44th

Who is forty-fifth president of US?

Number 45 is the current president, Donald Trump.

Are the globetrotters undefeated?

No. On March 31st, 2007 the globetrotters suffered their three hundred and forty fifth loss.

Who was fifty-fourth president of the United States?

There has not yet been a forty-fifth president of the United States. The current forty-fourth president of the United States is Barack Obama.

How much does a forty of jack Daniels cost?

Jack doesn't come in a 40. A fifth of Jack is about $20.

What is one ninth divide by one forty fifth?

1/9 divided by 1/45 is 5.

Who is th forty-fifth pick of the 2007 NBA draft?

Jared Jordan got picked 45th by the Clippers

What is one forty-fifth as a decimal?

Expressed as a decimal fraction, 1/45 is equal to 0.02 recurring (that is, 0.02222...)

What is forty sixtieths in simplest form?

Forty Sixtyeths in simplest form is: This better not be homework and if it's for a fifth grader or higher then you should know this by now TWO THIRDS