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There are infinitely many polyhedra.

Hexagonal Prism, Septagonal Prism, Ocatagonal Prism, Nonagonal Prism, Decagonal Prism, etc...

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Q: What is a figure with more than four sides and five faces?
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What shape has five vertices and five faces?

A pyramid is a three-dimensional figure with five verticies and five sides (four of which are triangles and one of which is a square). A pentagon is a two-dimensional figure with five angles and five edges.

What figure has four equal sides and other four faces are triangles?


What figure has 5 faces ad 5 corners?

A pyramid. It has a square base (4 corners) and four faces converging to a point (the fifth corner). You might be referring to a pentagon which has five sides and five corners.

How many faces are in a pyramid?

Five; the base and four sides.

Does a rectangle prism have 6 faces?

no , it has five sides,,,,,,,, even that a rectangle has four sides

The base of this solid figure has four equal sides the faces are triangles?

The answer is a pyramid.

What pentygon has 4 sides?

We don't know what a pentygon is. "Pentagon" means a figure with five sides. Since it has five sides, no pentagon has four sides. A "quadrilateral" has four sides. And pie are square.

How many faces a square pyramid have?

A square pyramid has five faces. There is the square that forms the base, and four triangular sides.

What do you call a parallelogram with five sides?

A parallelogram has only four sides. A five-sided figure is a pentagon. or can also be called a polygon

The base of this solid figure has 4 equal sides The faces are triangles What is this figure?

There is a contradiction in your question. If the base has four equal sides then is it a square so not all the faces are Triangles. However if the base is a square and the rest of the faces are triangles then your object is a "Square-based Pyramid"

How many sides does a pentahedron have?

Five faces (it is a 3 dimensional shape). A four sided pyramid is a pentahedron. (penta- means five, -hedron means sides)

Does a rectangle have 4 faces?

NO!!!! A rectangle has FOUR(4) sides. A tetrahedron has four faces.