What is a five digit number?

Updated: 12/18/2022
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A five digit number is a number consisting of five digits.





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Q: What is a five digit number?
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What is the smallest five digit number having three digit?

All five digit numbers have three digits. The smallest five digit whole number is 10,000

What is the largest five-digit prime number?

The largest five-digit prime number is 99,991.

Which is the five digit odd number?

There are 45000 such numbers. None of them can be considered "the" five digit odd number.

The sum of digits of a two-digit number if five Find the number if the ten's digit is five more than the one's digit?


What is Geico's five digit insurance code number?

GEICO insurance company five digit code number

Is the product of a four digit and a one digit number always a five digit?


What is the smallest five digit number that can be rounded to 60000?

51111 is the smallest five digit number that can be rounded to 60000

What is the least number of digits there can be in the quotient when you divide a five number digit number by a one digit number?


What is the greatest five digit even number with no digit repeated?


Which is greater a 5 digit whole number or a 6 digit lesser whole number?

Every six-digit number is greater than any five-digit number.

What is the number It's a five digit number If you place a one on the right of the five-digit number the six-digit number that is formed is 3 times the number formed when you place a 1 on the left of?

the number is -49999,5 42857 428571 = 3 * 142857

What number is 1000 times larger than five digit number with 9?

A five digit number with 9 is 99999. A number which is 1000 times larger (not 1000 times as large) is 99999000.