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This means that for every one of an item, there are four of another item. For instance, four bumpy rocks for every smooth one, or four brown toads for every black one.

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Q: What is a four to one ratio?
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If you have a quart of zingzang and a pint of vodka is that a four to one ratio?

No, the ratio of 'zingzang to vodka' is two to one. It would also seem to be a recipe for disaster.

How do you turn four and one-fourth into a ratio?

4 1/4 = 17/4

What is the chance that an offspring will not receive a dominant gene?

one out of four or 25% for monohybrid ratio

What is the sum ratio of the number of one digit prime numbers and the number of one digit composite numbers?

There are four of each.

What is the ratio of four days to four weeks?

1 to 7

Is the ratio four to six equivalent?

As a ratio: 4/6 = 2/3

Write this ratio in lowest term 7 to 28?

Expressed as a ratio in its lowest form, 7:28 is equal to 1:4 or one to four.

How many times can you get one fourth?

Infinitely many. Take any integer, multiply it by four and then calculate their ratio.

What is the eight term when the first term is negative four and the common ratio is negative one half?

+ 1/32

What is the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen in this sample of four water molecules?

2:1 ratio. There would be eight atoms of hydrogen and four atoms of oxygen.

Can you put a 6.0 motor in a 2000 1500 Silverado?

no it would not . the final ratio is the rear end ratio the four speed transmission in uofrth is one to one as is the three speed.. you can change the ratio at the rear or put on larger tires that is all you can do also do not run the lower gears to long..

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If one knows the mole ratio of a reactant and product in a chemical reaction one can