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1 penny is 1 /100 of one dollar or 1% of one dollar

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Q: What is a fraction and decimal to show what part of a dollar one penny represents in simplest form?
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What part a of a dollar one penny represents in a decimal?

A penny represents .01 in a decimal amount relating to a dollar.

How do you convert decimals to dollars?

Converts a dollar price expressed as a decimal number into a dollar price expressed as fraction. For example, Dollar in Decimal Number is 1.25, Fraction is 32, the Dollar in Fraction will be 1.08.

How is a fraction of a dollar written in simplest form?

1/100 of a dollar

What fraction of a dollar does a penny represent?

It represents 1/100.

What fraction of a dollar is 17 cent?

The simplest form in a fraction is 17/100

What fraction of a dollar represents 0.08?

8/100, or 2/25

Write 0.98 as a fraction of a dollar in simplest form?

49 --- 50 with a dollar sign

What fraction is a dollar is a nickel in simplest form?


What fraction of a dollar is a nickel in simplest form?


How do you write 0.98 as a fraction of a dollar in simplest form?

49 50

What dollar amount is the decimal 0324 equal to?

Assuming 0.0324 is a fraction of a dollar, then approximately 3 cents (or 3 percent of a dollar).

What 61 pennies in 1 dollar?

IIt represents a fraction of 61/100.

What decimal is equal to six pennies?

0.06 is a decimal representing the fraction of a dollar equal to six pennies.

What fraction is seven pennies of a dollar?

Since a penny is one hundredth of a dollar, seven pennies is seven hundredths, which is $0.07 in decimal form.

What fraction of 1 dollar is a quarter?

1/4 or 25/100 those are the simplest anwsers.

Write the decimal that shows what part of a dollar is 1 nickel?

A dollar is 100 cents while a nickel is 5 cents. The fraction is 5/100, which converts to the decimal form 0.05

If the fraction of a dollar is not a benchmark fraction describe how you can use a calculator to change the fraction into a decimal amount?

well im not sure but i will give you advice. go to your teacher or a pfriend or parent and ask them sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you do the work to write 0.98 as a fraction of a dollar in simplest form?

98/100 ÷ 2/2 = 49/50

What is 3 quarters of a fraction of a dollar?

The answer depends on how large the fraction of the dollar is!

When kareem went to France he exchanged 225 for 175 euros. What decimal represents the number of euros he received for each dollar he exchanged?

He received 0.777... (repeating) Euros per dollar.

How do you turn nine tenths of a dollar into a decimal?

If you have memorized your fraction chart like I have, 9/10 is .90 is it would be 90 cents

What is a fraction dollar?

kumba has one dollar. He spent 1/2 of the dollar on a pencil and 2/10 of the dollar on an eraser. What fraction of the dollar did he spent?

What fraction of a dollar?

Any fraction is possible.

How do you change a decimal to a dollar amount?

Steps for finding equivalent fraction for the given decimal number :- The method of decimal to fraction transformation engage the use of elementary regulation of fractions; the fraction is supposed to be writeProblem 1:- Find the equivalent percentage for the fraction `1/10` . Solution:- The given fraction is `1/10` . Step 1 Find the decimal equivalent for `1/10` . The decimal equivalent for `1/ 10` is 0.1. Ste..Steps for converting a fraction to equivalentspercentage:- The procedure of fraction to percentage translation involve the employ of fundamental regulation of fractions.. The subsequent steps demonstrate how to find eq..Introduction to equivalent fractionsdecimals and percents A fraction is a number that can represent part of a whole. A fraction consists of a numerator and a denominator , the numerator representing a number of equal parts and ..Practice problem 1 Find 3 equivalent fractions of `1/3` Answer : `2/6` , `3/9` and `4/12` Practice problem 2 Convert the following decimals into fractions, 1) 0.5 Answer : `1/2` 2) 0.75 Answer : `3/4` Practice problem 3 Convert ..Example 1 Find four equivalent fractions of `2/3` . Solution The equivalent fractions of a fraction can be found by multiplying and dividing the fraction by same number. Or in other words, multiply both numerator and denominator b..

What is the decimal of a dollar is one half dollar?