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The fraction is known as a mixed fraction.

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Q: What is a fraction called when a bigger number is over a smaller number?
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Is an fraction bigger than mixed number?

You can make a fraction that is bigger, or smaller, than a mixed number.

Is the numerator the smaller number or the bigger number?

It can be either. It is the number at the top of a fraction.

What is it called when the top number is bigger in a fraction?

an improper fraction

Do multiplication always make the number bigger?

No. A number multiplied by a fraction yields a smaller number

What is the number called when the top number of the fraction is bigger than the bottom number?

It is called a top-heavy fraction. This is called an improper fraction. Example: 45/42 -

What happens to a fraction if its denominator is increased or decreased?

If a fraction's denominator is increased, the number gets smaller. If a fraction's denominator is decreased, the number gets bigger.

How do you draw a picture to show an improper fraction?

how do you draw an picture for an improper fraction

A fraction with a numerator of 1 called as improper fraction why?

because the denominator is a bigger number so it is called improper because the denominator is a bigger number so it is called improper

When the top number of a fraction is smaller than the bottom number then that type of fraction is called?

mixed number

Is one tenth bigger than one third?

No, it isn't. The bigger the denominator (bottom number), the smaller the fraction ~x

What fraction is greater 149 or 150?

Well 1/49 is greater than 1/50 because the smaller the fraction, the bigger the number.

When comparing fractions what must you do if the numerators are the same?

If the numerators are the same then a fraction with a bigger denominator is smaller than a fraction with a biiger denominator. The bigger the number you divide by, the smalller each bit is.

What is it called when the top number is smaller than the bottom number?

A proper fraction has the top number (the numerator) smaller than the bottom number (the denominator).

When you divide a fraction by a whole number is the answer larger or smaller than the fraction?


Is 1.8 bigger than the number 2?

No, it is smaller. Bigger number- smaller number = + number 2-1.8 = 0.2

When the number of a fraction is smaller then denominator?

When the numerator of a fraction is smaller than the denominator, that's a proper fraction.

Is a positive number bigger or smaller than a negative number?

It is bigger

If you convert kilometers to meters is the number bigger or smaller?

The number is bigger.

How do you subtract a bigger number from a smaller one?

if you want to subtract a bigger number from a smaller one, first subtract smaller number from bigger one add negative sign in front of answer you got

Is a mixed fraction bigger than a regular fraction?

Yes it is. A regular fraction is a fraction where the numerator is smaller than the denominator, thus the value of the fraction will always be less than one. Note that a fraction with it's numerator bigger than the denominator does not count as a regular fraction; it is called a improper fraction. Whereas a mixed fraction is a regular fraction with a whole number at the left that is at least one. Thus, the value of a mixed fraction will always be more than one.

When you divide a number by another number is the answer always smaller than the number you divided into?

Not necessarily. When you divide by a fraction, the answer can be bigger than both of them. 6 ÷ 1/5 = 30

When you are dividing two fractions how come your answer is bigger than 1?

The answer is always bigger than one only if the fraction you are dividing by is smaller than the fraction you are dividing into. Any number divided by a smaller number is bigger than 1. To divide fractions you invert he demominator and multiply: 1/2 divided by 1/4 = 1/2 times 4 = 2

What are the rules for reducing fractions in Math?

There are a couple rules to abide by when reducing fraction in math. To make an even fraction, one has to make sure that the smaller number is on top. To make an improper fraction, put the bigger number on top.

Can you take a smaller number away from a bigger number?


Is a larger number or smaller number a bigger spindle on a goped?

the higher the number the bigger the spindal