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A whole

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Q: What is a fraction called when all parts are shaded?
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What number is represented when all parts of a fraction model are shaded?

whole number

How do you use rectangular models for multiplying fractions?

Draw as many rectangles as the whole number you are multiplying by. Then, draw the fraction you are multiplying by in all of the rectangles. Shade in the top number in the fraction [numerator] in your rectangles. Count all the shaded in parts of all your rectangles. Leave the bottom number of your fraction [denominator] the same and put the number you got when you added the shaded parts of the rectangles on top as your denominator of the fraction. That is your answer!

There are 3 stars shaded and 4 stars and there's 7 stars in all what is the fraction?

3 - 7 is the fraction for 3 shaded stars and 4 unshaded stars

How do you work out- find the proportion of the shaded squares write as a fraction?

-- Look at the picture, count how many squares are shaded, write down the number. -- Look at the picture again, count how many squares there are all together, whether they're shaded or not shaded. Write down the number. -- Make a fraction. Put the first number on top, put the second number on the bottom. (-- Reduce the fraction to lowest terms, it necessary, and if you know how to do that.)

There are 3 stars shaded and 4 stars and in all there's 7 stars what is the fraction?

3/7 * 100 = 42.857% of the stars are shaded.4/7 * 100 = 57.143% are not shaded.

Is a denominator either a number of equal parts in all or number of equal parts considered?

The denominator is the bottom number of the fraction. It tells how many parts in all. The numerator is the top number of the fraction which tells you the number of parts considered.

Is the numerator the parts in all in a fraction problem?

The numerator is the top number in any fraction.

How do you work out shaded squares?

Count all the squares then count the shaded squares put the shaded number at the top and the number of all squares at the bottom so it might look like this ⅜ 8 is the total and 3 is the number of shaded squares

What are all of the cell parts called?

Cell parts are called organelles.

What is the bodies awareness of where all the parts of the body are in relation to all of the other parts called?

This is called homeostasis.

What is the denominator in the fraction?

The bottom number.

All of the living and nonliving parts of an organism's surroundings are called its?

All of the living and nonliving parts of an organism's surroundings are called its Environment

What are all the lands in the world?

The larger parts are called continents, the smaller parts are called islands.

When graphing inequalities why do you shade the graph?

The part that is shaded represents all the possible solutions. An inequality has solutions that are either left or righ, above or below or between two parts of a graph.

What controls all the other parts of the cell?

The part of a cell that controls all the other parts is called the Nucleus.

A circuit in which all parts are connected in a single loop is called?

A circuit in which all parts are connected in a single loop

What are all the parts of a computer called?


What is the female part of a flower called?

The female parts of a flower are called style, ovary, ovule and stigma. All of these parts together are called the pistil.

What percent is it if you drew a circle and shaded all but one half?


What are all of a dolphins body parts called?


What are all the parts in the predicate of a sentence called?


What are all white meat parts called?


Which term describes the set of all possible input values for a fraction?

It is called the domain.

The relationships between all parts of our environments are called?


What are all the subject parts of a sentence called?

subject noun