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a fraction that can be changed by dividing it is called an improper fraction.

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Q: What is a fraction that can be changed dividing it?
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What do you turn the second fraction into in a dividing problem?

When dividing by a fraction, the second fraction (the divisor) is changed into its reciprocal by swapping the numerator and denominator over (turning it upside down) and then it is multiplied by the first number (fraction).

How do you change 123.456 into a fraction?

123.456 is changed into fraction by multiplying and dividing it by a number such that both denominator and numerator don't contain decimal. Multiplying and dividing by 100, we get 123.456 as 123456/100.

How does dividing a number by a fraction involve multiplication?

When dividing by a fraction, the answer is obtained by multiplying by the reciprocal.

How to write a terminating decimal as a fraction?

any decimal that terminates can be changed into a fraction by dividing the digits to the right of the decimal by 1 followed by the same number of 0s.For example, 2.12345 has 5 digits after the decimal. So, you can change it to a proper fraction by dividing 12345/100000 and then adding the 2, or123452 ---------100000That number can then be simplified to24692 ---------20000by dividing both the top (numerator) and bottom (denominator) by 5.

What is the line in a fraction?

it is for dividing

What is the definition of dividing a fraction?

Dividing a friction is multiplying by its reciprocal. The reciprocal of a fraction is the numerator and the denominator switched around.

What operation is the same as dividing by a fraction?

Multiplying by the reciprocal of the fraction.

Is a fraction or a ratio by dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor?

Dividing the numerator and denominator by a common factor is how you simplify a fraction.

How do you make fraction to decimal?

by dividing the numerator by the denominator

When dividing fractions is a reciprocal used by multiplying?

Yes. One method for dividing fractions is to multiply the numerator fraction by the reciprocal of the denominator fraction.

Explain why dividing the numerator and denominator of a fraction by the greatest common factor is the most efficient way of simplfying the fraction?

By dividing both the numerator and denominator by the same number is like dividing by 1.

When dividing fraction it is most helpful to change a mixed number into a?

improper fraction