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The fraction 1/7 has the decimal value 0.142857142857142857..... The six digits 142857 keep repeating.

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Q: What is a fraction that has at least six repeating numbers?
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What is the decimal equivalent to the fraction 0ne over six?

It is 0.1666... repeating.

How do you write a repeating decimal in word form?

An example of a repeating decimal is the fraction 1/6. One sixth equals zero point one six six repeating.

What is the average of the first six prime numbers?

6.83333 repeating

What is 0.428571 repeating in fraction form?

Assuming that it is the six-digit string which repeats, the answer is 3/7.

What is the least six digit numbers?


What is the least common multiple of six?

You need at least two numbers to find an LCM.

What are six numbers between -2 and 1 ordered from least to greatest?

Six numbers from -2 and 1 from least to greatest are -1.9, -187, -1, -0.999999, 0.5, and 0.7367.

What is the recipocal of six sevenths?

To get the reciprocal of a fraction, just exchange the top and bottom numbers.

What is the product of thirty six?

You need at least two numbers to get a product.

What is the least common denominator for six and nine?

There is none because the Least Common Denominator (or LCD) is the Least Common Multiple (LCM) of the denominators of two or more fractions. Even if you converted your numbers (x) to their fraction equivalents (x/1), the LCD will always be 1.

What is six and two thirds in decimal form?

6.6666 repeating

What are the least common multiples of two and six?

The Least Common Multiple (LCM) of the numbers 2, 6 is 6.

How many 6-digit numbers are there if no digit is repeated?

There are a handful of six digit numbers that have no numbers repeating. Some examples are 123456, 234567, 345678, 456789, 567012, 654321, 765432, 876543, and 987654.

What is a set of 7 numbers that has a mean of five a median of six a mode of six and a range of six?

There are at least 7 such sets, among them, 1,2,6,6,6,7,7.

What is the lowest fraction using 1 2 3 4 5 and 6?

The smallest fraction has the smallest numerator and the greatest denominator. If only two of the six numbers can be used then the smallest fraction is 1/6. If all numbers are used then the smallest fraction is 123/654.

What is the decimal for four six?

0.6666 repeating

What is 539 divided by six?

89.83333 repeating

What is six sevens as a decimal?

0.857142 repeating

What is six divided by 672?

0.00892857142857142 repeating

What is six tenths as a fraction?

Six-tenths writen as a fraction is 6/10

How do you change six ninth into a decimal?

Six divided by nine = 0.6666 repeating

How many times can six go into six?

It can go into 8, 1.3333333 repeating)

How do you read a repeating decimal?

Either, the decimal with a line over what's repeating (eg. 0.6 with a line over it), or decimal repeating (eg. "point six repeating").

What is one over six in decimals?

0.16666 repeating

What is six and one twelfth into a decimal?

6.083333 repeating