What is a frequency chart?

Updated: 12/21/2022
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A frequency is when a number occurs the most like m i s s i s s i p p i m1 i 4 s 4 p2 i is the frequency

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Q: What is a frequency chart?
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What do the intervals in a frequency chart have to be?

Usually the intervals in a frequency chart should be equal.

How do you make a tally table and frequency chart?

week frequency cumulative frequency123

What is frequency chart?

it's a kind of display of a given data

How are the pieces of a pie chart related to relative frequency?

The pieces of a pie chart represent the parts of a whole, as does relative frequency. The total of the entire pie chart should be 100% or 360 degrees. The sum of the relative frequencies should also equal 100%.

What is A line chart or frequency polygon is based on?

It is based on some data.

What is a chart used to organize data and to tally the frequency of the data?


When representing a frequency distribution with a bar chart which bar will be the tallest?

A bar representing a frequency of (The Biggest #)

How do you work out a cumulative frequency question?

This will purely depend on the question, if you get a frequency chart, (containing only the frequency and how often this was brought, take, etc depending on the question,) add up the frequency one by one and you will have the cumulative frequency. You then (depending on the question) make a chart or a box-plot and follow the question (i.e what if the correlation shown? this would depended on the trend of the data.)

Can you find the measures of center only from the histogram?

No. You can do that from a bar graph, a stem and leaf chart, a scatter plot, a cumulative frequency chart.

What does frequency mean in frequency table?

A frequency table is like a tally chart used to record data. They have their subject and the choices to do from. On the other side they have how many voted or chose that answer.

What is frequency for math?

Frequency is used in tally charts and it is the total of the lines. It is normally down the side of the tally chart. Hope this helps. :)

What is ATIS on the VFR terminal area chart?

Automatic terminal advisory frequency.