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Q: What is a function where the highest exponent of the variable is 2?
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What the highest exponent of the leading variable in a quadratic equation?


How can you determine if a function is a quadratic function from its equation?

If the highest exponent of independent variable(say x) is 2 and the highest exponent of dependent variable(say y) is 1 and x and y are not multiplied, then the function is quadratic. For example: 3x-y+x2= 2y-5x+7 represents a quadratic function but y= xy+x2+5 doesn't represent a quadratic function.

What is the highest exponent of the leading variable in a quadratic equation?

the highest exponent of quadratic equation is 2 good luck on NovaNet peoples

What is the degree of term x2 plus 4?

The degree is equal to the highest exponent on a variable, which is 2.

Is the highest power of the independent variable in a quadratic function 2?


What is the LCM of 6p2q3r4 and 14pq2r3?

The lcm of 6p^2 q^3 r^4 and 14pq^2 r^3? 1. Prime factor 6 and 14 2. Write the prime factorization using exponents 3. Write each same base number with the highest exponent. 4. Write each single base number(number without exponent) 5. Multiply the numbers *For monomials only* 6. Choose highest exponent for each variable 7. Write each variable with its exponent in alphabetical order (ex. 24a*bc*) (a variable that doesn't appear to have an exponent, has an automatic exponent of 1) LCM=42p^2 q^3 r^4

Can a polynomial have a variable exponent?

No. An expression can have a variable exponent (for instance, 2 to the power x, or x to the power y), but that is no longer a polynomial.

When you take the square root of a variable with an even number exponent how does the exponent value change?

When you take the square root of a variable raised to an exponent, you divide the exponent by two. For example the square root of x^4 is x^2, because x^2 x x^2 =x^4.

What is a quadratic eqation?

A quadratic equation is an equation where the highest exponent on the variable is 2. For example, the equation, y=2x2+3x-2 is a quadratic equation. The equation y=2x is not quadratic because the highest exponent on x is 1. (If there is no exponent on an x, then the exponent is 1.) The equation, y=x3+3x2-2 is not quadratic because the highest exponent is three. On a graph, a quadratic equation looks like a U or and upside down U. Here are some more example of quadratic equations: y=x2 y=3x2+2x-3 y=x2+5

Why can you not have a variable as an exponent?

you CAN have a variable as an exponent.For example, look at the equation 2x =4. We know x=2

What is a monomial in algebra?

A monomial is an expression made up of a co-efficient, a variable , and an exponent that has only one term. Monomial = 4x ^2 4= co-efficient x=variable 2= exponent.

What is the highest exponent in a polynomial?

That varies from polynomial to polynomial. Whatever the highest exponent is is called the "degree", so a quadratic like x2 + 2x + 8 has degree 2.