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42 divided by six equals seven

8 dicided by one equals eight

twelve divided by twelve equals one

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Q: What is a generalization about dividends and quotients for whole numbers means?
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What does Partial Quotients mean?

Partial quotients means that it occurs when a divisor doesn't divide evenly into the dividend.

How are these terms alike differences sums quotients and products?

Alike is the same as Differences means subtractions Sums means additions Quotients means divisions Products means multiplications

What means generalization?

Is mean food

A synonym for a generalization is what?

Generalization is a noun which means vague notion. Some synonyms of this word include abstraction, law, observation, universality, and principle.

Why are dividends important for a business?

Dividends are important because they provide a means to return a portion of a company's annual earnings to the shareholders (owners) of the company.

How do you make Generalization?

Generalization means making a statement that applies to all that you are making it for. For example, some people tend to make inappropriate generalizations based on how other people look.

What is generalization in database?

Generalization means to categorize some things in to a general category . In database also generalization means the same. Consider an example like Car and Motorcycle can be categorized in to one general category VEHICLE .

What is another word for numerous?

um it means a lot of numbers numeral means numbers and ous means alot

What does generate random numbers mean?

It means to get a number, randomly, from a certain range of numbers.It means to get a number, randomly, from a certain range of numbers.It means to get a number, randomly, from a certain range of numbers.It means to get a number, randomly, from a certain range of numbers.

Is it compulsory to pay dividends on common equity?

No it is not. Dividends are a means of sharing the profit of a company with the share holders of that company but it is not compulsory. Companies usually declare dividends when they have a good financial year and make solid profits. If the year went bad, the company may opt not to declare any dividend that year.

What type of life insurance companie pay dividends?

Rip-off companies. If they pay dividends, it means they are returning excess premiums you paid. So they charge you bunch of money at first and invest it for themselves. Then return the excess premiums back to you at the end of the year.

What does valid generalization mean?

It means a statement that is true in most situations, but is based on too few facts or only on a small number of instances.

What does couple mean in numbers?

In numbers, couple means 2.

What is a sum in numbers?

Sum means to add numbers together.

What it means for two numbers to be relatively prime?

It means that the numbers share no common factor other than 1.

What is the definition of the word generalized?

To generalize means to make whole assumptions (guesses) or broad statements. Usually generalization occurs in classification or summarization processes.

What is the differences between inductive and deductive approaches to research theory?

inductive theories of method means the circulation of the specific observation to broader generalization and theories

What does at least 12 numbers mean?

At least 12 numbers means 12 numbers or more

What are divisibile numbers?

Divisibile numbers means the same thing as dividing and the numbers are 2,4,6,9and 10.

How does dividends affect net income?

Answer:Dividends are a distribution of net income. That means dividends is not included in the calculation of net income. Dividend payments do affect net income indirectly. If a company pays a dividend, cash is reduced. This cash can no longer be used to generate profits. That is why 'cash cow' companies pay out the bulk of their profits as dividends (few or no new investment opportunities available) and growth firms retain all profits.

What is numerical data?

That means that the data consists of numbers, or represents numbers.

Summation of a set of numbers?

That means to add all the numbers together.

What does negative partners for prime numbers mean?

Negative numbers means

What is the product of five numbers?

That means that you multiply all five numbers.

What is the difference between Retained earning and Dividends?

Retained earning means: Not distributing profits to stake holders and keeping the profits of a company for the use of the business entity either for working capital or for new projects etc., Dividends means: Distribution of profits earned by a company to the stakeholders ( loosing funds earned as profits to stake holders )

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