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There is a high probability that this sentence will not qualify as a good sentence.

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Q: What is a good sentence for probability?
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What is a good sentence for probabitity?

The probability that we move to Pittsburg is one in a hundred.

A sentence with the word probability?

"There is a high probability of rain this evening."

The sentence probability is fascinating is spelled out with scrabble tiles the tiles are then scrambled and put into a box you choose one at random what is the probability that you draw out the let?

Type your answer here... The sentence PROBABILITY IS FASCINATING is spelled out with Scrabble® tiles. The tiles are then scrambled and put into a box. You choose one at random. What is the probability that you'll draw out the letter A?

How can you put probability in a sentence?

I prefer to play the lotto games with the smaller prizes because the probability of winning something is much greater.

What is can or may in a sentence?

Can expresses ability while may expresses probability

How do you answer the question probability of continued employment?


How can you use the word probability in a sentence?

Janet could feel in her bones that she had a high probability of winning the lottery with this ticket, but her feelings were wrong: she did not win.

Is probability an observation?

No. A probability means, how likely it is for something to happen. An observation of SEVERAL similar events can give you a good ESTIMATE of the probability.

Why is it important to understand probability?

it is important to understand probability you may lose a good chance of winning something if you dont get or use probability at that time

How do you use pretest in a sentence?

The utility of HLA-B27 teating depends on the pretest probability of disease.

What is the marginal effect of a linear probability model?

good question.

Are there any good uses for probability?

One Word----VEGAS!