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Q: What is a good shot group at 100 meters with a 7.62 x39?
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What is a good shot group at 100 meters with a 223 rifle?

1.5 inches

How many meters in one shot of chain?


What are the categories of running events?

There is the 100 meters, 200 meters, 800 meters, long jump, and shot put...i think :D

How many types of athletics?

running,javelin,shot put,100 meters sprint

What events are in a decathalon?

100 meters, Long jump, Shot put, High Jump, 400 meters, 110 meter hurdles, Discus, Pole Valut, Javelin, and 1500 meters

What is the maximum cable length for a 100 base T ethernet lan?

The maximum length of a segment is usually 100 meters. In practice, it's a good idea to stay under 90 m for fixed cables, since patch cables at either end are likely to add another several meters to the overall length.

What is the probability of getting a bulls eye?

100%, if you are a good enough shot :)

How does a 100 meters race start?

Ofcourse with a whistle or gun shot , but it is not a race it is 100 mts dash. You have to dash ahead right from the start sprinting all the way.

What are the events of an Olympic decathlon?

; Day 1 * 100 meters * Long Jump * Shot Put * High Jump * 400 meters ; Day 2 * 110 meter hurdles * Discus * Pole Vault * Javelin * 1500 meters

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1 kilometer = 1000 meters 100 kilometers = 100 x 1000 meters = 100,000 meters

How many yards is 100 meters?

100 meters = 109.36 yards (rounded)

10.52 in 100 meters is what in a 100 yrds?

10.52 what in 100 meters? are you saying you ran 100 meters in 10.52 seconds? or that there are 10.52 arbitrary units of length in 100 meters?