What is a grater use for?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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slices things

Graters are used to shred foods into fine pieces. For example, cheese graters.

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Q: What is a grater use for?
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How do you use grater as a sentence?

Grandmas cheese grater was greater than grandpas grape grater.

60 ounces is grater than 3 pounds?

no. you cannot use 60 oz on cheez grater

Do I really need a parmesan cheese grater or can I use my regular cheese grater?

If you're grating pounds of the stuff every day, a parmesan grater may be a good investment. For home use, a regular flat or box grater will do the job quite well. If you have a food processor, this is a nice alternative that won't chew up the knuckles.

Do I really need a food grater or can I use something else?

You can also use a food processor if you already have one. A food grater is not an absolute need,but it can make certain task easier.

What utensil would you use to shred cheese?


What is the function of the grater?

box grater function

What is the homophone of the word grater?

The homophone of the word grater is greater.

What metal would you use to make a cheese grater?

Stainless Steel

What equipment could I use to shred cheese?

You use a cheese grater , as shown in pic above

What if i don't have a zester?

You can use a grater if you are very careful not to get any of the white membrane.

How do you remove coating on new Oxycontins?

some people use a cheese grater

What to do when you burn your cookies for your mother?

face the conciquencesMore information:Depending on the type of cookie, it sometimes is possible to use a fine grater, such as a cheese grater, to scrape the burned portion off the bottom of the cookie.