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A half angle is just what it sound like; it's half the measure of an angle. If you have an angle of 30 degrees, the half angle is 15 degrees. Simple and easy. Where it comes in handy is in construction of something like, say, an isosceles triangle inside a circle. If you have the two equal equal angles, you can find the third angle. Then you can construct it by drawing a chord across the circle through its diameter, then using the half angle to draw in one side. Repeating the process on the other side of the diameter will give you the other side of the triangle. By drawing in a chord connecting the points where the other two chords (drawn off the half angles on either side of the diameter) intersect the circle, you'll have completed the construction of the isosceles triangle.

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Q: What is a half angle?
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Does a bisector cut an angle in half?

To bisect an angle is to divide the angle in half.

One half of a right angle turn?

One half of a right angle is a 45 degree angle.

What is the measurement of an angle that is half as large as the other angle?

The first angle that is half as large as the other angle is 30º The other angle that is the larger is 60º

What is double angle and half angle?

Double angle and half angle in mathematics refer to the formulas used to express trigonometric functions of angles equal to 2a or 1/2a. These are known as the double-angle and half-angle formulas.

A segment that cuts an angle in half?

A bisector is a ray or segment which cuts an angle in half.

How can half angle identities help solve nonspecial angle measures?

15 degrees is not a special angle, but it is half of 30, which is a special angle. If you need sin 15 you can use the half angle formula with 30 degrees.

What is half of a straight angle called?

A straight angle is 180 degrees so half of that is 90 degrees of a right angle.

What segment cuts a angle in half?

Angle Bisector.

What is a line that divides an angle in half?

Angle bisector

What divides an angle exactly in half?

A bisector divides an angle in half (usually in the form of a line passing through the centre of the angle).

What describes an angle bisector?

An angle bisector is a line that divides an angle in half.

What divides angles and line segments in half?

An angle is divided in half by the angle bisector. A line segment is divided in half by a midpoint.

How do find the measure of a bisected angle?

It will be half the original angle.

What is a ray that divides and angle in half called?

Angle Bisector

What is have of a right angle?

*half 90 degrees An Acute angle.

A ray that divides an angle in half is called?

Answer: Angle bisector

Is a half right angle called a acute angle?

Yes, any angle less than 90 degrees is acute. Therefore, half of a right angle (half of 90 degrees) would be 45 degrees, making it acute.

How is a 45 angle related to a 90 angle?

A 45 degree angle is half of a right angle (90 degrees)

When term describes a ray that divides an angle in half?

An "Angle Bisector"

Angles formed by an angle bisector?

They are half the original angle, whatever that was.

What is a right angle if you cut in half?

A 45 degree (Acute) angle.

What is the degree measure of one half of right angle turn?

A right angle is 90 degrees, so 45 degrees is half a right angle turn.

What is the half angle formula?

The half angle formula is: sin theta/2 = ± sqrt (1 - cos theta/2)

What does a picture of a straight angle look like?

A straight angle is a half circle.

What is the relation between a straight angle and right angle using paper folding method?

a right angle is half of a straight angle