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Half of 76 is 38

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Q: What is a half of 76?
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Related questions

What number is half of 76?


What is half of 76?

383830 + 30 = 608 + 8 = 1660 + 16 = 76

What is half of 152?

Half of 152 is 76 !

What is half or 152?

Half of 152 is 76

Find the difference between one quarter of 76 and three quarters of 76?

Three quarters of a number less one quarter of a number = two quartres, or a half of the number. A half of 76 = 76/2 = 38

What is half of 153?

153 / 2 = 76.5, or 76 and a half.

What is 8 and a half times 9?

76.5 or 76 and a half.

What is 8 times 9 and a half?


What is the median of 62 74 76 76?

75, which is half way between the two middle numbers.

How money is 30?

Why 76 and a half money of course!

What is 976 rounded to the nearest 100?

976 rounds up to 1000. 76 is more than half of 100, so round up.

How much does 4 go into 76?

9 its easy half it and half it again

At what age does the human fetus reach half its full mass?

76 months

How many 3's go into 76?

not evenly but about 25 and a half times.

What is half of 26?


How many centimeters is half a meter longer than 26 centimeter?

76 cm

Nine and a half gallons equals how many pints?

I'm guessing around 76 pints.

How long will it take to drive 35 miles at 76 mph?

A little under a half an hour...

How much silver is in a 1976 Kennedy half dollar?

It only has silver if it's a '76-S half, in which case it contains 40% silver.

What is the sum of two consecutive even integers of 154?

Half of 154 is 77, so your numbers are 76 and 78.

How many years is it from 1879 to 1955?

76 years. The number of years it is from 1879 to 1955 is represented by the expression 1955 - 1879, which equals 76 years.

What is a 1776-1975 Kennedy half dollar worth?

Please check the date again. All dual-dated half dollars are 1776-1976. No half dollars carry the date 1975.

What is the radius of a circle with a 76in diameter?

The radius is one-half of the diameter. Hence, the radius of a 76 in diameter circle is 38 in.

What is the value of a of Kennedy half dollar 1774-1974?

There's no US half dollar with those dates. The only dual-dated halves were the Bicentennial coins that carry the dates 1776-1976If you have a copper-nickel half dollar dated 1974 it's only worth face value.

What are all the multiples of 76?

There are an infinite number of multiples of 76, starting with 76*1 = 76, then 76*2 = 152, then 76*3 = 228.

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