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Q: What is a half of sixteen?
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Related questions

What is sixteen and five tenths?

Sixteen and a half.

What is the answer for fifteen plus one and one half?

sixteen and a half

What is one half of sixteen?


What is a half times 16?

One half time sixteen is eight.

How do you turn sixteen and a half feet to yards?

1 yard = 3 feet, so sixteen and a half feet is five yards, one foot, and six inches.

What is one-half of sixteen pies?

16 half-pies, or 8 whole ones.

What is 420MM in inchs?

420mm is sixteen and a half inches.

How long is 420mm in inches?

420mm is sixteen and a half inches.

How many sixteen notes equal a half note?


What is 4 times 4 and a half?

four times four equals sixteen and then half of that is eight. Disregard the previous answer. It is incorrect. The following answer is correct. 4x4 is sixteen, and half of one of the 4's is 2, so the answer is 18.

Is one sixteen half of anything?

1/16 is half of 1/8

What is the radius of a sixteen inch diameter?

half of 16 = 8 inches

What fraction is half of one eighth?

one out of sixteen

How many cats can you feed if you get three fourths of cat food and sixteen and one half of cat food?

Unfortunately this cannot be answered. Three fourths of what unit? A pound? A ton? Sixteen and one half what? Ounces? Carloads?

How far is it from Rome Italy to Verona Italy?

Three hundred sixteen and a half miles, give or take half a mile.

How old was Lavender Brown in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

She was sixteen.

How old must you be to get your drivers license in California?

sixteen, fifteen and a half for permit.

What is the length of a flight from JFK to Durban South Africa?

sixteen and a half hours

How many hours 1-530?


How old is Harry in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Harry Potter was sixteen.

How long do you cook a sixteen pound turkey?

About till half past 12 or 24 hrs.

Has a law in Ohio passed that you have to be sixteen and a half to get a permit instead of fifteen and a half?

Check with your local Bureau of Motor Vehicles or go to and look for your area.

Learner's permits in Colorado how old?

Well it says you have to be between 15 and a half and sixteen. anything else?

How do you write sixteen and one half cents in decimal?

16.5¢ or $0.165

How much does a sixteen and one half ounce steak weigh?

You have just stated the weight, -16.5 ounces

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