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.50 lb.

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Q: What is a half pound in meat in decimal form?
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What is the decimal form of one third of a pound of meat?

0.333 lb of meat

How much is a third of a pound in meat in decimal form?


How much is three quarters of a pound in meat in decimal form?

It is 0.75 pounds.

How much is 200 grams of meat?

A little less than half a pound of meat.

How many cups of crabmeat in half a pound?

There are two cups of crab meat in a whole pound. So, half a pound would give you around one cup.

How many ounces in one half pound of meat?

There 8 ounces in a half pound of any material other than precious metals (which use a different definition of pound)

How many quarts in a pound?

a pint equals a pound, and a pint equals half of a quart. (a pound equals half of a quart)

How many cups of cubed meat are in a pound and a half?

Approximately 3.3 cups.

Is 8 ounces of sliced deli meat equal to one half pound?

Yes. 1 pound = 16 ounces

How much is 7 oz in meat?

16 0z. is a pound so 7 oz is a little less than half a pound.

How many cups in a pound of crabmeat?

There are two cups of crab meat in a whole pound. So, half a pound would give you around one cup.

How many servings per person for 10 punds of meat?

it depend on how you want to serve it... one pound apiece or a half a pound it's all up to how you want to cut the meat and who your feeding...

How much does one cup of crab meat weight?

A standard cup of crab meat (8 oz.) if packed full will weigh about half a pound.

How many ounces equal a pound of meat?

There are 16 ounces in a pound of meat.

What is heavier pound of frozen meat or pound of unfrozen meat?

They weigh the same.

How much deli meat do you need per person for a buffet?

About one half of a pound per man and one quarter pound per woman or child.

What did the Patriots eat during the American Revolution?

A pound of bread, a pound of meat, a gill of dry beans or peas, and a gill of rum. But they were lucky to even get half of that.

How many people will a 10 pound ham feed?

A ten pound ham will feed roughly 20 people. Most people say to figure about a half pound of meat per person.

What did the revolutionary soldiers eat?

A pound of bread A pound of meat A gill of dry beans or/and peas A gill of rum A soldier was very lucky to receive even half of that.

What does a quarter pound of meat look like?

a pound of meat if you take away 3/4s of it

What could a dollar buy in the 1940's?

A 5 pound of meat, half tank of gas and 32 soda pops..

What is the meaning of pound in cooking?

A 'pound' is a unit of weight. For example, a pound of tomatoes. Or, it is also a technique of tenderizing meat with a utensil specially made to 'pound' the meat.

What is the cost of a pound of meat?

It depends on from what animal the meat came from and the cut of the meat.

How many calories in 1 lb of lean hamburger?

5% fat meat is 621 calories per pound 10% fat meat is 798 calories per pound 15% fat meat is 975 calories per pound 20% fat meat is 1152 calories per pound 25% fat meat is 1329 calories per pound 30% fat meat is 1506 calories per pound

What is used to pound meat?

A meat tenderizer,it is a hammer looking tool with a rough head,and also a heavy meat cleaver could be used.Use the meat cleaver side ways to pound out the meat