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if you are talking about water it is called a tsunami that could knock you into a brick wall or a wall that could make you either die or get unconsious

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Q: What is a large wave caused by an earth quake called?
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How many syllables does quake have?

There is one syllable.

What do you do in a case of an earthquake?

what do you do in case of an earthquake?! what are some safety tips? what should you do if you're outside in an earthquake?Incase of earth quakes you should stend Up under your open doors like by your room door and bathroom. This is the hard part of your house to fall down.Incase of an earth quake were u open the door is good to stand by the door because the doors are hard to fall down you could stend in evry door.bathroom door or rooms door.

How is an earthquake constructive?

Earthquakes can be constructive because of the shifting that they can cause new land to appear. Earthquakes are also constructive in the size of the quake. Smaller earthquakes prevent larger ones from happening by relieving pressure.

Why the mirrors are placed perpendicular to each other in Michelson's interferometer?

It is used to bounce the light beams. There is a seismograph that works on the same principle and thus is immediately responsive to earthquake jolts. There are two beams at an L- shaped angle- yes it could be called perpendicular or Right angles. the light beam goes between them, comes the quake- well the apparatus will shake and record any beam displacement- this applies to the Seismograph, not the other application, but they are similar.

The use of statistics in daily life?

The statistics is the basis for almost all the activities of individuals, group, society, community and country. For example: - Literacy rate; - Below poverty line people; - Employment status; - Satisfaction level for any activity; - Exit polls ; - Average rain fall; - Average temperatures during different seasons; - Average rainfall for constructing House, building or office etc. - Earth quake statistics; - All insurance activities are based on statistics; - Risk taking and its predictions; - Petroleum exploration; - Monsoon activity in the region ; and so on -----

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What is caused the sea movement?

It is caused by earth quake.

What caused the Asian Tsunami to occur?

an earth quake. an earth quake measuring 9.3 on the rectar scale

What shaking of the earth caused by the release of energy is a?

earth quake

How large does an earthquake have to be to be considered great?

the largest earth quake recorded was a 9.9 magnitude earth quake in japan

What caused the great Alaskan tsunami?

a big earth quake

What are the events that cause the Earth to quake and shake?

The events that cause the Earth to quake and shake are earthquakes. An earthquake is caused when there is sudden movement under the Earth's surface.

What are earthquakes mostly caused by what?

the earth probably falling debree

What is the point of an earth quake called?

epi centre

What year was the last tsunami?

2011 In Japan 8.9 earth quake caused the tsunami

What are injuries by earthquakes mostly caused by?

the earth probably falling debree

What is the boundary between plates where relative motion can cause a quake called?

the large sections of the earth's crust that move relative to each other

When tectonic plates are broken up it is called what?

Earth Quake