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Q: What is a line on a graph 8 letters -R-I-A-E?
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Is this the graph of the line y - 2x equals -6?


Graph the equation y equals 8?

The graph of the equation y=8 is a horizontal line through the y-intercept of 8. This is because since y=8, any point on the graph will have a y-coordinate of 8. This is why it is a horizontal line through (0,8).

What is the graph for Y equals X-8?

The graph of y = x - 8 is a straight line. The slope of the line is 1, and it intersects the y-axis at the point y = -8.

Is this the graph of the line y - 2x -6?


Which letters of alphabet have no line symmetry?

all letters have a line of symmetry

What is the graph for Y equals X - 8?

When you plug in x = 0, you get y = 8. When you plug in x = 8, you get y = 0. So the graph of y = x - 8 (which is clearly linear, a straight line, because it only has x to the first power) is the graph of the straight line that goes through the points (0,8) and (8,0).

Does the graph of this line have a NEGATIVE or POSITIVE slopey = -3x - 5?


What does a graph look like for the equation 8x - 8 equals 0?

The line 8x-8=0 is the same as x=1. The graph looks like a vertical line that intersects the x axis at x=1.

What is the line of symmetry of the graph of the equation?

Answer this question… What is the line of symmetry of the graph of the equation ? A. x = -2 B. x = -4 C. x = -16 D. x = -8

What is the slope of the line through the pair of points -7-8 and -7-3?

The line is vertical on the graph. Its slope is infinite.

How do you graph y equals 8 minus x?

The first thing to not is that the only powers of x and y in the equation are one. That means the graph is a straight line. Any two points on a straight line determine the whole of the straight line. So solve the equation for x = 0 and for y = 0. Thus, when x = 0, the equation becomes y = 8 - 0 ie y = 8 so (0, 8) is a point on the graph. and when y = 0, the equation becomes 0 = 8 - x ie x = 8 so (8, 0) is another point on the graph. Join up these two points and extend the line further in both directions.

Which of the cells depicted in the line graph in figure 8-8 are most likely cancerous?

The graph on figure 8-8 is not shown here so there really is not any way to know which one is correct. Without his information the answer is not able to be known.