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Q: What is a line that cuts a shape into two equal shapes called?
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What cuts shapes accurately?


What shapes were most common and why on early kites?

Triangle is still the most common. The shape cuts into the wind with little to no resistance and then spans out to create lift. This also gives the kite direction. Airplanes have the same general shape.

What degree cuts do you need to make an equal octagonal wooden shape?

The interior angles of a regular octagon are each 135 degrees.

How would you find the perimeter of a shape?

Find the lengths of each of the sides (boundaries) and add them together. For some well-defined shapes there may be formulae that make this easier, but for many there are no short cuts.

Is there a shape that can be cut into 4 equal parts with 1 cut?

No, there is not. When you cut a shape with only one cut, you are creating two parts. In order to make four parts (no matter what the shape is), you would need to make two cuts.

What are the three dimensional shapes of a rectangle?

camilla is creating a paper lantern for her garden party. She cuts the net at the right out of tissue paper to fold over a wooden frame. What three dimensional shape is the lantern?

What line cuts a shape from corner to corner?

A diagonal.

How is a laser cutter is used in the manufacturing of resistant materials?

it cuts out precise shapes on plastics such as acrylic

The line of latitude that cuts the earth in half is called the?

The line of latitude that cuts the earth in half is called the equator.

What shape is generated when the plane cuts the given solid in the manner shown?

The following word describes the generated shape:

Cuts grooves in timber?

Its called a Router, the hand held machine uses various shaped cutting tips, depending on the shape of the groove you require in the timber.

When a restriction enzyme cuts DNA into pieces what are they called?

When a restriction enzyme cuts DNA into pieces they are called restriction fragments.

A bisector cuts something into two equal parts.?


What are alternate angles?

They are on opposite sides of the transversal line that cuts through parallel lines and they are equal in sizeAlternate equal angles are formed when a transversal line cuts through parallel lines.

How do you Cut a cake with 5 cuts into 16 pieces?

you cut it in the shape of a star :-)

If alternate interior angles are congruent than lines are parallel what is it called?

It is the transversal line that cuts through parallel lines creating alternate equal angles.

What are boneless cuts called?


What imaginary line cuts the earth into 2 equal parts?


Does a bisector cuts something into two equal parts?

the answere is true

How can you cut a cake into 8 equal pieces if you are only allowed to make 3 straight cuts?

Make 2 vertical cuts to make 4 equal sections, and then slice horizontally through the middle of the cake.

How many cuts does it take to make 6 equal-size slices of bread from a loaf?

Five, if you slice normally, like store-bought bread. But if you slice the bread in half vertically and make two horizontal cuts, you will have six equal-sized slices as well, with only three cuts.

What do you called a person who cuts a diamond?

a person who cuts and polishes gems is called a gemcutteror a lapidary (sometimes lapidarist).

An angle bisector is this kind of geometric figure?

An angle bisector is a line. A bisector is something that cuts something into two equal parts. The line passes through the angle dividing it into two equal parts and is called an angle bisector.

How do you cut a circle into 8 equal slices in three cuts?

cut anywhere 3 times across but make sure the cuts are equally apart.

If the carat weight is the same, are some diamond shapes/cuts that are used in rings more valuable than others?

Some sizes and shapes fall in and out of demand due to waht is fashionable or considered affordable in society.