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Q: What is a line that intersect two coplanar line at two different points?
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Is it true if points are collinear they are also coplanar?

Yes, any points that are located on the same line will also be on the same plane. You can have more than one plane intersect a given line, but any points on that line will necessarily be on all the planes that intersect that line.

A is a line that intersects two or more coplaner lines at different points?

How very interesting. And the question is ... ? Every line will intersect an infinite number of coplanar lines - not just "two or more".

What is a line that intersects 2 coplanar lines at different points?

A transverse line.

What are non coplanar points?

Coplanar Points are points that lie on the same line.

What are two line that dont intersect and are not coplanar?

skew lines

A line and a point not on the line are never coplanar?

No, they always are From, "The World's Encyclopedia" when I searched coplanar In geometry, a set of points in space is coplanar if the points all lie in the same geometric plane. For example, three distinct points are always coplanar; but four points in space are usually not coplanar. Since 3 points are always coplanar. A point and line are always coplanar

A line that intersects two coplanar lines at two different points?


What is a line that intersects two or more coplanar lines at different points?

It is a tranversal.

Can coplanar points lie on the same line?

Yes, of course! By definition a line is a planar figure, and all the points of the line are therefore coplanar.

Are a plane and a point not on the plane always coplanar?

No. In order to be coplanar, points have to be in the line.

Differentiate of collinear points and coplanar points?

Collinear points are points that lie on the same line, while coplanar points are points that lie on the same plane.

What is coplanar points?

Definition of Coplanar points: Coplanar means that the points are on the equal plane. Plane is a two-dimensional object, with as such is a bit more complicated.Collinear,line,plane and point are the related terms of coplanar.Points that are on the same plane. 2 points are alwayscoplanar...3 points are always coplanar...4 points are sometimes coplanar.